INT Program 03-1

The First Three Years of Heavy-Ion Physics at RHIC

March 31, 2003 - June 20, 2003


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R. Venugopalan April 2, 2003 Melting the Color Glass Condensate
D. Treleani April 3, 2003 b bar b b bar b Production in NN and NA Interactions at the VERN LHC
M. Lublinsky April 4, 2003 Phenomenology with Non-Linear Evolution Equation
R. Baier April 7, 2003 Bottom-Up Scenario and Au-Au Collisions at RHIC
J. Stachel April 8, 2003 Hadron Yields and the Statistical Model
C. Pajares April 9, 2003 Multiplicity and Transverse Momentum Distributions in Percolation of Strings
P. Braun-Munziger April 10, 2003 Heavy Quark and Quarkonia Production in Ultra-Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
P. Braun-Munziger April 10, 2003 Heavy Quark and Quarkonia Production in Ultra-Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
N. Armesto April 11, 2003 Models for nuclear structure functions at small x
J. Raufeisen April 14, 2003 What can we learn about saturation from heavy quark production?
B. Kopeliovich April 15, 2003 Where does the Jet Quenching Come From?
A. Krasnitz April 16, 2003 Classical Glue at RHIC
B. Mueller April 17, 2003 From Partons to Hadrons at RHIC
F. Meissner April 22, 2003 UPC results from STAR
M. Strikman, M. Zhalov April 22, 2003 Small x Physics with Nuclei, Diffraction and Implications for UPC
G. Baur April 23, 2003 Single and Multiphoton Processes in UPCs
P. Yepes April 23, 2003 Overview of Experiments: New Results from LHC
A. Baltz April 24, 2003 Coulomb corrections in calculation of ultrarelativistic heavy ion production of continuum e+e- pair
R. Vogt April 24, 2003 Determining the nuclear gluon distribution in UPCs
Y. Asakawa April 25, 2003 How can we extract spectral functions from lattice data?
K. Hencken April 25, 2003 Elastic and inelastic pair production processes in UPCs
D. Molnar April 28, 2003 Quark coalescence and elliptic flow at RHIC
Zi-Wei Lin April 29, 2003 Quark coalescence and charm elliptic flow
D. Teaney May 2, 2003 Amazing Results from RHIC! Where does Hydrodynamics Breakdown?
I. Balitsky May 6, 2003 Small-x evolution in high-density QCD
P. Kolb May 7, 2003 Transverse dynamics and transverse observables from hydrodynamics
B. Zhang May 8, 2003 J/y production at RHIC
Y. Kovchegov May 9, 2003 Particle Production in AA Collisions from Saturation Physics
K. Tuchin May 12, 2003 Hierarchy of Scales in QCD at High Partonic Density and Open Charm Production at RHIC
D. Newman May 13, 2003 Statistical Inference and RHIC HBT Interferometry
L. Yaffe May 14, 2003 Effective Kinetic Theory and Transport in Hot Gauge Theories
K. Schweda May 16, 2003 Search for partonic collectivity at RHIC
L. Frankfurt May 19, 2003 Color Transparency and Color Opacity Phenomena
C. Nonaka May 20, 2003 Hydrodynamical Evolution near the QCD Critical End Point and its Consequences
C. Nonaka May 21, 2003 Elliptic Flow from recombination and fragmentation in heavy ion collisions
B. Schlei May 21, 2003 Freeze-out Hyper-surface Extraction with Digital Image Processing Techniques
K. Bugaev May 22, 2003 Energy Dependence of the Kaon Inverse Slope and the Deconfinement Phase Transition
M. Murray May 23, 2003 High Mt HBT for Pions, Kaons, and Protons at sqrt(s)=17GeV/A
J. Randrup May 27, 2003 Colorfilamentation at RHIC?
A. Majumder May 28, 2003 The chemical equilibration volume: measuring the degree of thermalization in a heavy-ion collision
S. Bass May 29, 2003 RHIC Physics with the Parton Cascade Model
J. Bowers May 30, 2003 Color superconductivity at intermediate densities
F. Arleo June 2, 2003 Energy loss of pard partons in cold and hot QCD media
D. d'Enterria June 3, 2003 Hard scattering in Au+Au, d+Au and p+p collisions at sqrt(s_NN) = 200 GeV: Latest results from PHENIX at RHIC
C. Salgado June 3, 2003 High-pt particle production in nuclear collisions
P. Jacobs June 4, 2003 Jets and high pT hadrons: results from STAR
M. Leitch June 4, 2003 Charm Production in E866/FNAL & PHENIX
R. Vogt June 6, 2003 J/psi production at SPS and RHIC
I. Vitev June 9, 2003 d + Au and Au + Au Reactions at RHIC: Multiparton Dynamics in Dense Nuclear Matter
L. Gerland June 10, 2003 Charmonium Productions in gamma-A, rho-A and AA Collisions
A. Accardi June 12, 2003 Cronin effect, dipoles and unitarity in dA collisions
I. Sarcevic June 12, 2003 Prompt Photons and Large pT Hadrons at RHIC and LHC - Part I. || Part II.
B. Thews June 16, 2003 J/Psi Formation and Initial Data From PHIC/PHENIX
P. Stankus June 17, 2003 Quark vs Junction Stopping
J. Cramer June 18, 2003 Pion Phase Space Density and Entropy at RHIC
Y. Nara June 19, 2003 Dynamical Simulation of Energy Loss in Heavy Ion Collisions

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