Fundamental Symmetries and Weak Interactions (INT-02-3)

September 30, 2002 to December 6, 2002


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M. Butler September 30 Weak Processes on the Deuteron at Low Energy
J. Ginges October 1 The Nuclear Schiff Moment and Violation of Parity and Time-Reversal in Atoms
V. Flambaum October 3 Test of the Standard Model and Enhancement of Parity and Time-Reversal VTR>
B. Clark October 4 The Neutron Skin Thickness: Obtaining Energy Independent Neutron Densities from Global Analysis of P + A Elastic Scattering
A. Derevianko October 4 Reevaluation of the role of nuclear uncertainties in experiments on atomic parity violation with isotopic chains
D. DeMille October 7 The Search for the electron EDM using Pb0
J. Erler October 8 Precision Tests: A Theorist's Perspective
P. Kammel October 10 Muon capture in hydrogen and muon lifetimes
P. Kammel October 10 mD Project
J. Finn October 14 Exploring the strange quark sea: The Jefferson Laboratory Hall A proton parity experiments
A. Parreno October 15 The Weak Lambda-N Interaction
P. Reimer October 16 DIS-Parity: Physics beyond the standard model with parity nonconserving deep inelastic scattering
V. Flambaum October 18 Collective T, P-odd Nuclear Moments and Huge Enhancement of Atomic EDMs
J. Vergados October 21 Aspects of neutrinoless double beta decay from a modern perspective
L. Wolfenstein October 21 CP Violations: The Past as Prologue
P. Vogel October 22 General Requirements and Issues in Nuclear Matrix Elements
S. Pascoli October 23 CP Violations and Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
J. Engel October 23 Ideas for Improving Shell-Model Calculations of Double Beta Decay
C. Horowitz October 25 Charge symmetry breaking in d+d -> 4He+pi0
L. Smotritsky October 28 Resonance Phase and Signs of PV Observables in Neutron-Induced Reactions
B. Das October 30 Accurate Determination of Many-Body Effects in Atomic Parity Nonconservation
S. Puglia October 31 What do we Know About the Strange Magnetic Radius?
M. Morita November 1 Recent Investigation of the G-Parity Irregular Nucleon Current in Beta Decays of Spin-Aligned 12B and 12N
A. Kurylov November 6 Charged current universality, NuTeV, and SUSY
S. Gardner November 7 Beyond Vud in neutron decay
B. Holstein November 8 Hadronic Parity-Violation: Past, Present, and Future
P. Vetter November 8 Symmetry tests in Positronium decay
P. Vetter November 5 The Beta-Neutrino Correlation: Current Experiments
C. P. Liu November 12 Hadronic Parity Violation and Quasielastic Electron-Deuteron Scattering
W.M. Snow November 12 Low Energy Neutrons and the Weak NN Interaction
R. Holt November 13 Proposal to Measure the Electric Dipole Moment of Radium-225
D. Markoff November 14 Parity-Violating Neutron Spin Rotation
S. Su November 14 Probing supersymmetry with neutral current scattering experiments
B. Desplanques November 15 Parity Non-Conserving Nuclear Forces and Electromagnetic Processes Involving the Deuteron
B. Balantekin November 18 Neutrino mass and mixings: Recent experimental results and an algebraic approach
E. Truhlik November 20 Radiative Muon Capture in Hydrogen
W. Johnson November 20 Nuclear spin-dependent contributions to atomic PNC: The combined effect of coherent Z-exchange and the hyperfine interaction
H. Schellman November 21 Precision Measurements of the Weak Interaction with Incoming and Outgoing Neutrinos (NuTeV)
G. Miller November 22 Nuclear and Charge Symmetry-Breaking Effects in Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions
A. Aleksejevs November 26 Radiative Corrections and Parity-Vilating Electron Scattering
A. Sher December 2 Relative Branching Ratio Measurement int he E865 Experiment at the Brookhaven National Laboratory
P. Blunden December 4 Parity Violating Effects in the Deuteron
I. Towner December 5 The Determination of V(ud)
O. Sushkov December 6 Radiative Corrections and Parity Nonconservation in Heavy Atoms

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