NT Workshop 02-26W

Reaction Theory for Nuclei Far From Stability

September 16 - 20, 2002


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M. Ueda September 16 One-Neutron Halo Reactions
K. Hencken September 16 A Realistic Solvable Model for the Coulomb Dissociation of Halo Nuclei
W. Friedman September 16 Reactions To Produce Nuclides Far From The Valley of Stability
W. Lynch September 16 Towards the Equation of State of Asymmetric Matter
N. Takigawa September 17 Fusion of Unstable Nuclei
H. Wolter September 17 Microscopic Multistep Direct Reaction Approach for Pre-Equilibrium Processes
S. Typel September 17 Higher Order Effects in Coulomb Dissociation
T. Neff September 17 Nuclear Structure within Fermion Molecular Dynamics
I. Thompson September 17 Multistep Coulomb and Nuclear Breakup
Y. Suzuki September 18 Monte Carlo Integration of Glauber Amplitudes
H. Wolter September 18 Isospin Dynamics in Heavy-Ion Fragmentation Reactions
H. Esbensen September 18 Higher-Order Effects in Coulomb Dissociation
L. Shi September 18 Isospin Diffusion Coefficient Calculations
B.A.Li September 19 Probing the High-Density Behavior of Symmetry Energy
A. Bonaccorso September 19 Two Ideas for New Experiments with RIBs and Their Theoretical Analysis
P.Danielewicz September 19 Neutron-Proton Correlations Near the Coulomb Barrier
R. Johnson September 20 Frozen Halo Approximation for Halo Nucleaus Scattering

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