Chaos and Interactions: from Nuclei to Quantum Dots

July 1 - September 6, 2002


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E. Krotscheck July A Fast Real-Space Methor for Solving Kohn-Sham Equations in 3D
P. Mello July 2 Mesoscopic Fluctuations: Comple Wave Interference and Information Theory
L. Reichl July 3 Coherent Photonic Structures in Atomic_Optics Tunneling Experiments And Photon Induced Chaotic Scattering
O. Shushkov July 5 Restricted and Unrestricted Hartree-Fock Calculations of the Conductance of a One-Dimensional Quantum Contact
P. Jacquod July 10 Ground-State Spin Without Mean-Field Exchange: Does Particle Statistics Matter?
P. Jacquod July 10 A Semiclassical Approach to the Loschmidt Echo
L. Benet July 10 Recent Results in the k-Body Embedded Ensembles of Random Matrices
Y. Oreg July 11 Spin and Electron-Electron Interactions in Artificial Atoms
G. Usaj July 11 Finite Temperature Effects on the Coulomb Blockade Peak Spacing Distribution: A Puzzle Solved?
I. Rotter July 11 Dynamical Features of Open Quantum Systems
A. Silra July 11 Interference Effect on Spectral and Transport Properties of a Quantum Dot
F. Izrailev July 12 Dynamics of Wave Packets and Thermalization in Isolated Systems of Interacting Particles
T.L. Khoo July 15 Order, Ergodicity, and Chaos in Superdeformed Nuclei
S. Aberg July 16 The Role of Chaos in the Decay of Superdeformed Bands
B. Barrett July 16 Coherent and Incoherent Tunneling in the Decay of Superdeformed Nuclei
I. Adagideli July 17 The Loschmidt Echo: The Quantum vs. Classical Competition
P. Silvestrov July 17 Hypersensitivity to Perturbations of Quantum-Chaotic Wave-Packet Dynamics
C. Stafford July 18 Shell Effects and Chaos in Metal Nanowires
B. Mehlig July 18 Towards a Statistical Fano Effect
D. Stone July 19 A Quantitative Model for Quantum Measurement of a Superconduction Quantum Bit Using a Single Electron Transistor
G. Mitchell July 23 Nuclear Level Statistics and Transitions
A. Richter July 24 Recent Results from Experiments with Microwave Billiards
D. Weinmann July 26 Spin Blockade in the Transport Through Quantum Dots
A. Altland July 29 On the Role of Disorder in Cuprate Superconductivity
A. Mirlin July 30 From Quantum Disorder to Quantum Chaos
S. Tarucha July 31 Interactions and Spins in Quantum Dot Atoms and Molecules
V. Zelevinsky August 1 The Atomic Nucleus as a Chaotic Many-Body System
R. Jalabert August 2 Conductance Through an Interaction Region: General Issues and a Simple Model
R. Berkovits August 5 First Excitation Statistics: Signature of the Anderson Orthogonality Catastrophe?
D. Ralph August 6 Tunneling Spectroscopy of Quantum Status in Nanoparticles and Single Molecules
I. Aleiner August 7 Interaction Effects in 2D: From High to Low Temperatures
T. Papenbrock August 7 Density Matrix Renormalization Group For Spin Chains and Interacting Fermions
F. Oppen August 8 Universal Spectral Statistics of Andreev Billiards:Simple Semiclassics
A. MacDonald August 12 Quasiparticle and Collective Properties of Ferromagnetic Metal Nanoparticles A
A. MacDonald August 12 Quasiparticle and Collective Properties of Ferromagnetic Metal Nanoparticles B
K. Matveev August 12 Electron-Photon Scattering in Quantum Point Contacts
M. Pustilnik August 12 Kondo Effect in Real Quantum Dots
C. Marcus August 13 The Role of Spin in Ballistic-Mesoscopic Transport
B. Halperin August 14 Tunneling Between Parallel Quantum Wires
P. Woelfle August 16 Non-equilibrium Transport Through Kondo Dots
V. Falko August 19 Spin-Orbit Coupling in Semiconductor Dots: Quantum Transport, Spin Relaxation, and Confinement
A. Andreev August 19 Full Counting Statistics of a Charge Pump in the Coulombe Blockade Regime
D. Cobden August 20 Electrons in Carbon Nanotubes
L. Glazman August 21 Electron Energy and Phase Relaxation in the Presence of Magnetic Impurities
H. Weidenmueller August 22 Transmission Phase of an Isolated Coulomb Blockade Resonance
O. Bohigas August 23 Fluctuations of Ground State Energies of Fermionic Systems
A. Bulgac August 23 Dilute Quantum Droplets
A. Oded August 23 Viscous Fingering and the Shape of an Electronic Droplet in the Quantum Hall Regime
S. Fishman August 26 A Theory for Nonlinear Quantum Resonances in Atom Optics
M. Wilkinson August 26 New Results on Energy Diffusion
Y. Imry August 27 Superconducting-type Pairing Correlations in Small Grains
K.B. Efetov August 28 Metal-Insulator Transition in Granular Metals
G. Casati August 28 Quantum Chaos and Quantum Computing of Complex Dynamics
J.L. Pichard August 29 Andreev-Lifshitz Conjecture Revisited for a few Electrons on a Square Lattice
T. Seligman August 30 Cross-correlations: An Effective Tool to Detect Quantum Chaos
I. Gornyi August 30 Interaction-induced Magnetoresistance in the Ballistic Regime
M. Srednicki September 3 Quantum Chaos Threshold in Many-Body Systems
X. Waintal September 5 Magnetic Exchange Interaction Induced by a Josephson Current
T. Kottos September 5 Statistical Properties of Open Quantum Systems: From Ballistic to Localization and Beyond

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