March 25 - June 28, 2002


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I. Borzov March 25, 2002 Weak Rates of Heavy Nuclei and Explosive Nucleosynthesis
J. Escher March 26, 2002 Contemplating a New Signature for Nuclear Shell Closures
S. Austin April 5, 2002 High Energy Approaches to Low Energy Phenomena in Astrophysics
J. Pruet April 18, 2002 Light Elements Synthesis in High Entropy Relativistic Flows Associated with Gamma Ray Burst
R. Hoffman May 2, 2002 New Results in Nucleosynthesis in Massive Stars
F Herwig May 9, 2002 Nonstandard Modes of Nucleosynthesis in Low Mass Stars
J. Zach May 13, 2002 Rigid Strange Lattices in Proto-Neutron Stars
P. Vogel May 15, 2002 Neutrino-induced Reactions on Oxygen
I. Stetcu May 15, 2002 RPA for Binding Energy Systematics
P. Heenen May 16, 2002 Theory of Oxygen-16 and a Global Nuclear Mass Table
A. Heger May 20, 2002 The First Stars
P. von Neumann-Cosel May 21, 2002 Nuclear Astrophysics with Darmstadt S-Dalinac Accelerator
P. Paker May 23, 2002 Laboratory Measurements of Explosive Nucleosynthesis Rates
C. Horowitz May 30, 2002 Neutrino Interactions in Dense Matter and r-Process Nucleosynthesis
R. Tribble June 5, 2002 Indirect Way to Measure Stellar Nuclear Rates
G. McLaughlin June 6, 2002 Delayed Nickel Decay in GRBs
J. Cowan June 7, 2002 Abundances and Ages of Galactic Halo Stars
B. Meyer June 13, 2002 Constrained Equilibria in Explosive Nucleosynthesis
S. Starrfield June 19, 2002 Nucleosynthesis and the Nova Outburst
G. Martines-Pinedo June 20, 2002 Weak Interactions in Core Collapse Supernovae
C. Brune June 20, 2002 Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions of Astrophysical Interest
J. Sampaio June 24, 2002 Weak Interactions in the Supernova Environment

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