Lattice QCD and Hadron Phenomenology

September 24 - December 7, 2001


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Looking for Non-Perturbative Effects in the Plaquette: Renormalons, Condensates and all that
P. van Baal September 24, 2001 Instantons, pro and con
T. de Grand September 25, 2001 Instantons, low (overlap) fermion eigenmodes, and chiral symmetry breaking
C. Lang September 26, 2001 Construction of a chirally improved Dirac operator and studies for simple instanton backgrounds
C. Gattringer September 26, 2001 Signatures of instantons and calorons in finite temperature lattice QCD
S. Durr October 01, 2001 Topological Susceptibility in QCD: Lattice Data Versus Continuum Predictions
I. Hip October 02, 2001 The Consequences of Non-Normality
F. Niedermayer October 02, 2001 Two-Dimensional Sigma Modles: Confronting Analytic Properties with Numerical Results
C. Bernard October 03, 2001 Chiral Logs in the Presence of Staggered Flavor Symmetry Breaking
K.F. Liu October 04, 2001 Chiral Properties of Hardons with Overlap Fermions
O. Baer October 05, 2001 Quantum Link Formulation of QCD
H. Bijnenes October 08, 2001 Hadronic Contributions to the muon g-2
J. Donoghue October 09, 2001 Analytic Techniques in Weak Matrix Elements and Some Connections to the Lattice
J. Prades October 10, 2001 Strangeness Changing Hadronic Matrix Elements at NLO in 1/N_C
E. Shuryak October 11, 2001 The Instanton Liquid Model and Vacuum/Hadronic Structure
T. Schaefer October 12, 2001 QCD Correlation Functions and Instantons
D. Toussaint October 12, 2001 Kogut-Susskind Spectrum Results: Speculating on the Chiral Limit
H. Thacker October 15, 2001 Chiral Loop Effects in Quenched Meson Propagators
W. Melnitchouk October 16, 2001 Chiral Extrapolation of Baryon Properties on the Lattice
H. Leutwyler October 17, 2001 Low-Energy Pion Physics
E. Rafeal October 18, 2001 Electroweak Matrix Elements at Large N_c (Part I)
S. Peris October 18, 2001 Electroweak Matrix Elements at Large N_c (Part II)
B. Mawhinney October 19, 2001 Kaon Matrix Elements and CP Violation from Quenched Lattice
L. Lellouch October 22, 2001 Non-Leptonic Weak Decays and Euclidean Correlation Functions
M. Testa October 23, 2001 Finite-Volume Effects in Hadron Decays
W. Lee October 24, 2001 Weak Matix Elements for E'/E Using Staggered Formulas
G. Colangelo October 25, 2001 Dispersive Treatment of K -> pi pi with Lattice Input
G. Valencia October 25, 2001 CP Violation in Hyperon Decays
D. Lin October 26, 2001 Calculating K -> pi pi Decay Amplitudes Beyond the Leading-order Chiral Expansion
R. Sommer October 30, 2001 Heavy Quarks on the Lattice and the b-Quark Mass
T. Onogi October 31, 2001 Heavy-Light Physics from NRQCD Approach
A. Kronfeld November 1, 2001 Heavy Quark Discretization Effects
S. Ryan November 2, 2001 B Phenomenology and the Lattice
S. Hashimoto November 6, 2001 Unquenced fB and BB
C. Sachrajda November 6, 2001 QCD Factorization for Nonleptonic B-Decays and the Extraction of the CKM Parameters
M. Wingate November 7, 2001 Staggered Light Quarks in Heavy-Light Mesons
A. Soni November 8, 2001 Topics for Heavy-Light Physics on the Lattice
S. Sint November 9, 2001 Lattice QCD with a Chirally Twisted Mass Term
S. Wright November 12, 2001 Chiral Extrapolation of the Lattice p Meson Mass
D. Richards November 12, 2001 N* Spectroscopy and Lattice QCD
G. Fleming November 13, 2001 Staggered Domain Wall Fermions
C. Michael November 13, 2001 Hadronic Transitions and Decays from the Lattice
A. Hasenfratz November 14, 2001 Dynamical Simulations of Four and Two Flavors of HYP Smeared Staggered Fermions
H. Trottier November 14, 2001 Perturbative Improvement of Naive/Staggered Quarks
M. Savage November 15, 2001 Quark Mass Dependences
J. Noaki November 16, 2001 Calculation of Non-Leptonic Kaon Decay Amplitudes from K to pi Matrix Elements in Quenched Domain-Wall QCD
Y. Shamir November 19, 2001 The Wave Function of Domain-Wall Quarks
G. Rossi November 20, 2001 The n' Problem Revisited
K. Orginos November 21, 2001 Gauge Actions and Chiral Symmetry of Domain-Wall Fermions
Y. Aoki November 21, 2001 Hadron Spectrum for Quenched Domain-Wall Fermions with DBW2 Gauge Action
C. Dawson November 26, 2001 Non-Perturbative Renormalization with Domain Wall Fermions
I. Horvath November 27, 2001 Dirac Near-Zero Modes and the Nature of Topological Charge Fluctuations in QCD
S. Prelovsek November 27, 2001 Quenching Errors in Heavy-to-Light Form Factors from Quenched Chiral Perturbation Theory
I. Montvay November 28, 2001 Multibosonic Simulations
M. Pospelov November 29, 2001 Electric Dipole Moments of Nucleons and Nuclei: Hadronix Matrix Elements from QCD Sum Rules
S. Aoki November 30, 2001 Chiral Properties of Domian-Wall Fermions/Relativistic Heavy Quarks on the Lattice
U. Heller December 3, 2001 Chiral Symmetry on the Lattice: Recent Theoretical Progress and Practical Applications
M. DePierro December 4, 2001 Large-Beta Numerical Perturbation Theory for Improved Staggered Fermions
P. Rakow December 5, 2001 Looking for Non-Perturbative Effects in the Plaquette: Renormalons, Condensates and all that

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