Workshop on
Theories of Nuclear Forces and Few-Nucleon Systems

June 11 - 16, 2001

Seminars on Theories of Nuclear Forces and Few-Nucleon Systems

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J. Friar June 11,2001 The Endgame in Traditional Few-Nucleon Physics
R.Machleidt June 11,2001 Developing an accurate NN potential based upon chiral perturbation theory
D. Phillips June 11,2001 Higher-Order Chiral Perturbation Theory Calculations of Electromagnetic Reactions on Deuterium
S. Wallace June 11,2001 Equal-Time Relativistic Formalism: Bound States, Currents and Boosts
V. Pandharipande June 11,2001 Standard Model of Nuclear Physics: Concepts and Prospects
R. Wiringa June 12,2001 Evolution of Nuclear Spectra from Bare Two and Three Nucleon Forces
H. Griebhammer June 12,2001 Nucleon Properties by Probing the Deuteron at Low Energies
B. Barrett June 12,2001 The No-Core Shell-Model Approach and Its Application to Few-Nucleon Systems
N. Kalantar June 12,2001 Few-Body Physics Activities at KVI
H-W. Hammer June 13,2001 Three-body nuclear physics in EFT
R. Schiavilla June 13,2001 Nuclear Standard Model versus EFT: A Case Study in Weak Transitions
A. Fonseca June 13,2001 Four-Nucleon Scattering: A Sensitive Theoretical Laboratory to Study the NN Fource
W. Tornow June 13,2001 Unsolved Problems in 2N and 3N Physics from an Experimentalist's Point of View
U. Meibner June 14,2001 Few-Nucleon Systems: New Results from Chiral Effective Field Theory
J. Carlson June 14,2001 Challenges in Few- to Many-Nucleon Physics
J. Sowinski June 14,2001 Few-Nucleon Physics at IUCF: Past, Present and Not Too Much Future
J-W. Chen June 14,2001 Calibrating SNO and the Sun
T. Cohen June 15,2001 Systematic Expansions of QCD and Nuclear Physics
M. Savage June 15,2001 m_q Dependence
T. Luu June 15,2001 The Shell Model as an Effective Theory
J.J de Swart June 15, 2001 Two Body Analysis
U. van Kolck June 16, 2001 Three-Nucleon Forces
G. Miller June 16, 2001 Light-Fromt Treatment of the NN System
R. Furnstahl June 16, 2001 Workshop Summary

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