Neutron Stars

June 18 - August 24, 2001

Seminars on Neutron Stars

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J. Wilson June 20,2001 Gamma-Ray Burst and the Properties of the Nuclear Equation of State
D. Phillips June 21, 2001 Relating Neutron-Star and Supernova Cooling Processes to Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering Data
J. Beacom June 26, 2001 Measuring the Properties of Newly-Formed Neutron Stars
J. Schaffner-Bielich June 26, 2001 QCD and Quark Stars
J.Wilson June 27, 2001 Modeling the Delayed Explosion Mechanism of Core Collapse Supernovae
G. McLaughlin June 28, 2001 Nickel, Iron and Gamma Ray Bursts
C. Horowitz July 3, 2001 Parity Violating Neutron Radius Measurements in Nuclei and the Properties of Neutron Stars
M. Rampp July 5, 2001 Nucleon Recoil and Nucleon-Nucleon Correlations in Dynamical SN Models
G. Raffelt July 5, 2001 Muon and Tau Neutrino Spectra Formation in Supernovae
T. Thompson July 5, 2001 Neutrino Interactions and Neutrino-Driven Winds
M. Patel July 5, 2001 Neutrino Oscillations and R-Process Nucleosynthesis
K. Kifonidis July 5, 2001 Hydrodynamical Instabilities During SN Explosions
V. Pandharipande July 10, 2001 Dense Matter
B. Link July 11, 2001 Candidate Precessing Neutron Stars and Vortex Pinning in the Crust
A. Potekhin July 11, 2001 Thermal Structure and Cooling of Neutron Stars with Magnetized Envelopes
B. Meyer July 12, 2001 Nucleosynthesis and Newly-Born Neutron Stars
J. Lattimer July 17, 2001 What Can Neutron Star Radius Measurements Tell Us About the Equation of State
M. Liebendoerfer July 18, 2001 Spherically Symmetric Core Collapse Supernovae and General Relativity
B. Messer July 18, 2001 Spherically Symmetric Supernova Simulations in Newtonian Gravity
J. Pons July 19, 2001 Astrophysical Signatures of Neutron Star Interiors: Neutrinos, Photons and Gravitational Waves
B. Balantekin July 26, 2001 Sterile Neutrinos in Supernovae after the SNO Results
Y. Shibanov July 26, 2001 Optical Observations of Neutron Stars
S. Fantoni July 26, 2001 Susceptibility of Neutron Star Matter
R. Rutledge July 31, 2001 Measuring Neutron Star Radii from Transiently Accerting Binaries in Quiescence
D. Lai August 1, 2001 Matter and Radiation in Stron Magnetic Fields of Neutron Stars
G. Carter August 8, 2001 The Quenching of the Axial Coupling in Neutron Star Matter
C. Fryer August 14, 2001 Asymmetries in Supernovae
K. Sumiyoshi August 15, 2001 Relativistic EOS Table for Supernova and r-process
K. Nomoto August 21, 2001 Nucleosynthesis of Iron-Peak Elements in Core-Collapse Supernovae and Hypernovae
D. Yakovlev August 22, 2001 Cooling of Neutron Stars with Superfluid Cores
V. Usov August 23, 2001 Strange Stars and Their Astrophysical Appearance

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