CEBAF/INT Workshop INT-01-19W

Correlations in Nucleons and Nuclei

March 12 - 16, 2001

Seminars on Correlations in Nucleons and Nuclei

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D. Richards March 12 Lattice Status Report
D. Diakonov March 12 Chiral Quark - Soliton Model of Baryons
M. Savage March 12 Effective Field Theory
J. Watson March 12 Plans of eA --> eNN studies and neutrons from EVA
R. Wiringa March 12 Towards a Standard Model of Nuclei
L. Glozman March 12 Chiral models
O. Benhar March 12 Nucleon-nucleon correlations and nuclear spectral functions
H. Muether March 12 Two-Body Correlations in Nuclear Systems
U. Mosel March 13 Nucleon Spectral Functions in a Transport theoretical Approach
A. Fabrocini March 13 Correlation Effects on Single-Particle Properties in Nuclei
B. Mihaila March 13 Coupled-Cluster Expansion Approach to Ground State Properties of P-Shell Nuclei
W. Bertozzi March 13 What Do We Learn From (e,e'p) Experiments?
M. Zhalov March 13 Quenching Disappearance
J. Friar March 13 Chiral Degrees of Freedom and Three-Nucleon Forces for the New Millennium
M. Sargsian March 13 Scattering From the Lightest Nuclei-Feynmand Diagram Dynamics
D. Day March 13 x > perspectives at Jlab
W. Dickhoff March 14 SRC in Nuclei and e,e,p Reactions
R. Gilman March 14 The Experimental Status of gamma d -> pn
B. Donnelly March 14 Spin and Probing Nuclear Structure
K. Griffioen March 14 Tagged Structure Functions
W. Leidemann March 14 Lorentz Integral Transform Studies of Inclusice and Exclusive Processes in Light Nuclei
G. Rosner March 15 SRC and two-nucleon knockout
R. Machleidt March 15 Light-front studies of nuclear correlations
W. Polyzou March 15 Comparison of different relativistic approaches to scattering problems
L. Weinstein March 15 NN Correlations Measured in 3He
J. Ryckebush March 15 The response of correlated nucleons to photons
A. Radyushkin March 16 Review of form factors
C. Keppel March 16 Local Duality - Experimental Aspects
S. Liuti March 16 Local Duality of ep scattering
K. Griffioen March 16 New Polarized Coherent Bremsstrahlung Facility at SLAC

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