Correlations in Nucleons and Nuclei

March 5 - June 8, 2001

Seminars on Correlations in Nucleons and Nuclei

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V. Braun March 7 Introduction to Renormalons
I. Balitsky March 7 Renormalons as dilatation modes in functional space
F. Hautmann March 8 Hard Diffraction in DIS
H. Arenhoevel March 9 Electromagnetic reactions in the two-nucleon system in the intermediate energy region
P. Grabmayr March 21 Two-Nuleon Pairs in Nuclei
H. Arenhoevel March 21 Electron Deuteron Elastic Scattering
S. Jeschonnek March 21 Local Duality
J.M. Laget March 22 Exclusive Vector Meson Production at Large t
I. Sick March 23 Many Body Interpetation of Deep Inelastic Scattering
J. Ryckebush March 28 A(e,e'p) Reactions at High Q2
P. Bertin March 29 Last Results on Virtual Compton Scattering
U. Meissner March 30 Nuclear Forces from Chiral Effective Field Theory
K. Goeke April 2 Chiral Soliton Model - Overview of Predictions
S. Brodsky April 4 QCD aspects of exclusive B decays
D. Diakonov April 5,6 Microscopic Mechanism of the Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
V. Petrov April 9 Nucleon Light-Cone Wave Functions in the Chirla Soliton Quark Model
A. Zhitnitsky April 9 Constituent Quark Model, Transverse Momentum Distribution on the Light Cone and Instantons
H. Pauli April 10 Flavor Mixing by an Effective Light-Cone Transformation and the Masses of Physical Mesons
L. Mankiewicz April 11 Power Corrections to the Process gamma gamma* --> pi pi in the Light-Cone Sum Rules Approach
P. Hoyer April 12 Distinction Between Structure Functions and Parton Probabilities
M. Polyakov April 13 Chiral Dynamics in Hard Processes
L. Kisslinger April 18 Glueballs, Instantons, Hybrids, Pomerons and Charm Meson Decays
K. Egiyan April 26 Study of Short-Range Correlations at CLAS at x>1 Kinematics
S. Beane April 27 Towards a Perturbative Theory of Nuclear Forces
A. Belitsky May 14 Twist Two and Twist Three Observables in DVCS and Hard Meson Production
M. Amarian May 14 DVCS and Exclusive Pion Production at HERMES
S. Stepanyan May 14 Latest Results on DVCS from CLAS
F. Sabatie May 14 The DVCS Program in Hall A
A. Radyushkin May 15 Generalized Parton Distribution
M. Strikman May 15 Hard Exclusive Processes-Overview
B. Tiburzi May 15 Skewed Parton Distributions From Light Front Wave Functions
E. Smith May 15 Vector Meson Production and GPD's
P. Stoler May 16 High t Form Factors GPD's
C. Perdrisat May 16 New Measurements of G_Ep/G_Mp by Recoil Polarization
P. Pobylitsa May 16 Production of piN System Near Threshold at Large Q^2 and Nucleon Form Factors
C. Hyde-Wright May 17 The Program for WACS Measurements in Hall A at JLab
M. Burkardt May 17 GPDs and the Distribution of Partons in the Transverse Plan
R. Davidson May 17 Impact Parameter Dependence of the Pion's GPD in the NJL Model
M. Sargsian May 18 Large Angle Gamma-D Breakup
A. Nogga May 22 Nuclear Three and Four Body Bound States
A. Szczepaniak May 23 Coulomb Gauge QCD and Exotics
D. Treleani May 23 Scale Factors in Double Parton Collisions and Parton Densities in Transverse Space
C. Ciofi degli Atti May 24 ISC and FSI in Exclusive Lepton Scattering off Few-Nucleon Systems
W. Melnitchouk May 25 Quark-Hardon Duality: Resonances and the Onset of Scaling
G. Garvey May 29 Antiquarks in Nucleons and Nuclei
T. Londergan May 30 Physics Prospects for an Electron-Ion Collider
G. Miller June 4 Return of the EMC (I) Effect
S. Cotanch June 5 Many Body Approach to Hadron Structure
M. Burkardt June 6 Geometric Interpretation of Generalized Parton Distribution
S. Boffi June 7 Open Problems in One and Two Nucleon Emission in Electron Scatterings

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