Effective Field Theories and Effective Interactions

June 25 to August 25, 2000

Seminars on Effective Field Theories and Effective Interactions

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B. Holstein June 26 The Van der Waals Interaction
M. Savage June 28 Recent Progress in the Application of Effective Field Theory to Nuclear Physics
A. Molinari June 29 Parity Violating Electron Scattering in the Delta Region
B. Barrett June 30 An Introduction to Effective Interactions and Operators in Nuclear Physics (Transparencies)
B. Barrett June 30 An Introduction to Effective Interactions and Operators in Nuclear Physics (Article)
D. Phillips July 5 Extra Dimensions, SN1987a, and Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering Data
T. Mehen July 6 N-N Scattering and Perturbative Pions
S. Beane July 6 Some Ladders or Sum Ladders? A Dim Sum of Singular Potentials
P. Bedaque July 7 3-Body Physics in Effective Field Theory
E. Braaten July 7 Cool Applications of EFT to BEC
I. Stewart July 10 Nonrelativistic Bound States in QED & QCD and the Renormalization Group
J. Sapirstein July 11 Two-Looped Corrections to the Decay rate of Orthopositronium using NRQED
S. Sharpe July 12 Chiral Perturbation Theory for Lattice QCD
H. Robertson and J. Wilkerson July 12 Physics at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
P. Lepage July 13 Nonperturbative Effective Field Theory Techniques for Electronic Structure Problems
B. Van Kolck July 14 TBA
J. Shepard July 18 Extensions of an Effective Theory for Quantum Spin Systems
P. Lepage July 18 Tutorial: Renormalizing the Schroedinger Equation
W. Haxton July 20 Morphing the Shell Model into an Effective Theory
R. Furnstahl July 21 Effective Field Theory at Finite Density
S. Glazek July 21 Asymptotic Freedom of Effective Gluons in the Hamiltonian Approach
G. Rupak July 25 n + p --> d + gamma for Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
E. Osnes July 26 Microscopic Realistic Descriptions from Finite Nuclei to Neutron Stars
U. Meissner July 27 Isospin Violation in the NN System
P. Navratil July 28 The Structure of Light Nuclei and the ab Initio Shell Model
J. Vary August 1 Many Body Effective Operators for Quantum Field Theory
S. Gardner August 2 Isospin Violation in K --> pi pi
M. Birse August 3 The Renormalization Group Approach to 2 Body Scattering
S. Burles August 3 Sharpening the Predictions of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
J. Chen August 4 Neutrino-Deuteron Scattering in Effective Field Theory
T. Williams August 4 Lattice QCD Calculation of the Gluon and Quark Propagators
C. Hanhart August 7 NN -> NN pi from the Effective Field Theory Point of View
W. Gloeckle August 8 Conventional and Chiral NN Force Predictions for 3- and 4-Nucleon Systems
H. Griesshammer August 10 From "Perturbative Pions" to "No Pions" - and Back
G. Orlandini August 11 Effective Interactions in the Hyperspherical Formalism and the Lorentz Integral Transform Method
J. McGovern August 15 Spin Polarisabilities at NLO in Chiral Perturbation Theory
T. Papenbrock August 16 Exact Results for Rotating Boson Systems and Short-ranged Interactions
B. Serot August 17 Covariant Effective Field Theory for Bulk Properties of Nuclei
H. Hammer August 18 Three-Body Forces in Effective Field Theory
R. Wiringa August 22 Developing and Using a Nuclear Standard Model
T. Kuo August 23 Low-momentum NN Potentials as Shell-Model Effective Interactions
J. Steele August 24 Finite Density Effective Field Theory
J. Ginocchio August 25 Relativistic Foundations of Pseudospin Symmetry in Nuclear Structure and Scattering
W. Haxton August 28 Renormalization Group Techniques for Hard-Core Potenials
D. Kaplan August 29 Axions, Dilatons and Long Range Forces