Complex Systems and Quantum Chaos

March 13 - 16, 2000

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Y. Alhassid Mesoscopic effects in quantum dots: the interplay between one-body chaos and interactions
A. Bäcker Representation of eigenfunctions in momentum space
G. Bertsch Pairing in two-body random ensembles
E. Bogomolny Spectral statistics of diffractive systems
A. Bulgac Bubble nuclei and clusters, neutron matter and quantum billiards
L. Bunimovich Mechanisms of chaos in Hamiltonian systems: hyperbolicity and astigmatism
G. Casati Relaxation and quantum Poincare recurrences
D. Cohen Study of parametric-dependent Hamiltonians and the theory of quantum dissipation
J. Delos Recurrence spectroscopy: recent advances
C. Dembowski Exceptional points and chaos assisted tunneling - two examples for the microwave cavity approach to quantum chaos
T. Guhr Random matrices and disorder in lattice quantum chromodynamics
F. Izrailev Quantum-classical correspondence for the LDOS, eigenfunctions, and occupation number distributions
R. Ketzmerick Quantum chaos of typical systems - have we learned anything?
D. Kusnezov Stochastic dynamics of parametric random matrix Hamiltonians
B. Li Quantum chaos of a kicked particle in an infinite potential well
G. Mitchell Effect of symmetry breaking on statistical distributions
T. Prosen Quantum chaos in the Heisenberg picture of dynamics of quantum observables over interacting spin chains
H. Schanz Periodic-orbit theory of 1d Anderson localization in quantum graphs
T. Seligman Unitary quantum Poincare maps: from MQDT to RMT
D. Shepelyansky Effects of interaction for disordered systems and localization
M. Srednicki The onset of chaos in Bose and Fermi liquids
S. Sridhar Quantum chaos, localization and escape in microwave billiards
B. Sundaram Anomalous transport and quantum-classical correspondence
S. Tomsovic On the stability of long-range sound propagation through a structured ocean
H. Weidenmüller Stochastic aspects of many-body systems
M. Wilkinson Spectral correlations: understanding oscillatory contributions
V. Zelevinsky Nuclear dynamics and many-body quantum chaos
K. Zyczkowski Truncations of random unitary matrices