QCD at Finite Baryon Density

February 28 to June 2, 2000

Seminars on QCD at Finite Baryon Density

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M. Stephanov June 1 Inverse Meson Mass Ordering in Color Flavor Locking Phase of High Density QCD
M. Lombardo May 30 Gluodynamics at Finite Baryon Density
C. Gattringer May 25 Approximating Chiral Fermions on the Lattice
P. Van Baal May 25 QCD at High Instanton Density
A. Nakamura May 23 Probing Finite Temperature and Finite Chemical Potential Effects on the Lattice
P. Damgaard May 23 The Smallest Dirac Eigenvalues at Zero and Finite Temperature
R. Brower May 19 Glueball Spectrum for QCD from AdS Supergravity Duality
A. Zhitnitsky May 19 Primordial Magnetic Fields from the QCD Phase Transition
T. Wettig May 18 Lattice QCD at Finite Chemical Potential: Complex Dirac Eigenvalue Distributions and Non-Hermitian Random Matrix Theory
M. Stephanov May 18 QCD at Finite Isospin Density
K. Splittorff May 17 Partial Quenching, Replicas, and Non-Zero Chemical Potential
D. Brown May 17 Extracting Particle Freeze-out Phase-Space Densitites from Sources Imaged in Heavy-Ion Reactions
T. Trainor May 16 Nuclear Hubble Flow and Sudden Traversal of the QCD Phase Boundary
B. Jacak May 16 Probing High Temperature QCD at RHIC
D. Hong May 11 Color Superconductivity in High Density Effective Theory
A. Halasz May 9 Random Matrix Models and QCD at Finite Chemical Potential
K. Zarembo May 9 Dynamics of Goldstone Bosons in a Color Superconductor
B. Vanderheyden May 4 A Random Matrix Model For Color Superconductivity in Two-Flavor QCD
T. Wilke May 4 Non-Linear Sigma Model For Gauge Field Disorder
J. Meyer May 2 Heat Kernel Renormalization Group Flow Equation
M. Strickland May 2 Improving the Convergence of Perturbation Theory
J. Hosek April 27 Unisotropic Color Superconductor
S. Yang April 25 QCD Phase Transition and Quark-Gluon Condensates at Finite Temperature and Baryon Density
M. Buballa April 25 Strange Quark Matter with Dynamical Quark Masses
E. Shuryak April 20 New Instanton-Induced Phenomena at Low and High Energies
D. Rischke April 20 Debye and Meissner Masses in N_f=2 and N_f=3 Color Superconductors
S. Hands April 19 Two Colors Matter
D. Toublan April 19 Two Color QCD at Nonvanishing Chemical Potential
S. Reddy April 13 Real Dense Stuff: The Role of High Density Physics in the Early Evolution of Neutron Stars
H. Heiselberg April 12 Recent Progress in Neutron Star Theory and Observation
J. Berges April 12 Nonequilibrium Quantum Fields and Thermalization
M. Alford April 11 Magnetic Fields in Color Superconducting Neutron Star Cores
J. Madsen April 11 Probing Quark Matter Properties with Pulsars
A. Sedrakyan April 6 Neutrino-pair Bremsstrahlung in Compact Stars
M. Ruderman April 6 Central Engines for Gamma Ray Burst Sources
D. Blaschke April 4 Diquark Condensation and Neutron Star Observables
F. Weber April 4 Quark Deconfinement in Neutron Stars
G. Moore March 30 Transport Coefficients from Kinetic Theory
S. Beane March 30 Meson Masses in High-Density QCD
B. Kerbikov March 29 Color Meissner Effect: Naive Arguments and Uncompleted Studies
V. Shevchenko March 29 Confining Forces at Finite Density
E. Shuster March 29 High Density QCD at Large Nc
J. Wambach March 28 Pion-Pion Correlations in Nuclei and the Partial Restoration of Chiral Symmetry
R. Rapp March 28 Crystallization of Cold QCD Matter at Intermediate Densities?
T. Schaefer March 23 QCD Phases at Large Baryon Density
C. Wetterich March 22 Gluon-Meson Duality
G. Carter March 22 The Color Meissner Effect for Two Flavors
S. Hsu March 21 QCD at Finite Quark Density: Gap Equation Analysis Point of View
M. Schwetz March 21 QCD at Finite Quark Density: Renormalization Group Point of View
I. Stamatescu March 16 Mesonic Excitations in the Quark Gluon Plasma
K. Kanaya March 16 Thermodynamics and Equation of State for QCD with Wilson-type Quarks
S. Chandrasekharan March 16 Solving Sign Problems with Meron Algorithms
J. Osborn March 15 Chiral Symmetry Breaking with the Meron Algorithm
K.-F. Liu March 15 A finite density algorithm with particle projection from the fermion determinant
D. Son March 14 The Chiral Limit of Nuclear Hydrodynamics
O. Kaczmarek March 14 The non-zero Baryon Number Formulation of QCD
I. Barbour March 14 Lattice QCD at Fixed Baryon Number
K. Rajagopal March 9 Mapping the QCD Phase Diagram
B. Petersson March 9 Lattice QCD at Finite Temperature, Challenges and Results
P. Braun-Munzinger March 7 Flow, EoS and QGP in Ultra-Relativistic Nuclear collisions
J. Stachel March 7 Dileptons, Chiral Symmetry, and the Quark Gluon Plasma
U.-J. Wiese March 2 Quarks and Gluons in Extreme Conditions: An Introduction To Lattice QCD at High Temperature and Density
M. Alford February 29 An introduction to color-superconducting quark matter