Stellar Abundances & Nucleosynthesis Conference

March 27 - 29, 2002


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A. Bragaglia March 28, 2002 The Field RR Lyrae Star CM Leo & Its Chemical Abundance
M. Briley March 28, 2002 Carbon and Nitrogen Abundances Among M5 and M71 Subgiants
J. Escher March 28, 2002 A New Signature for Nuclear Shell Closures?
D. Harbeck March 28, 2002 External Enrichment in 47 TUC
N. Ivanova March 28, 2002 Ballooning Helium in Massive Star Merger Products
J. Lattanzio and L. Elliott March 28, 2002 Primary Nitrogen Production in the Early Universe by AGB Stars
E. Pancino March 28, 2002 The Bologna Key Project on Omega Cen
O. Richard March 28, 2002 Models of Metal-Poor Stars with Gravitational Setting and Radiative Accelerations
R. Ruotsalinen March 28, 2002 Stellar Photometric Modeling of Metal-Poor Irregular Galaxies
P. Sestito March 28, 2002 Lithium Abundance in the Old Open Cluster NGC188
I. Short March 28, 2002 Modeling Red Giant Atmospheres and Spectra with Greater Physical Realism
T. Tsujimoto March 28, 2002 Inhomogenous Chemical Evolution & Rhw Production Site for R-Process ELements

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