Stellar Abundances & Nucleosynthesis Conference

March 27 - 29, 2002


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K. Croswell March 27, 2002 Abundant Beginnings
D. Arnett March 27, 2002 Supernova Nucleosynthesis: The Next Generation of Theories
C. Fryer March 27, 2002 Core-Collapse Supernovae: Effects of Asymmetries on Nucleosynthesis
K. Nomoto March 27, 2002 Synthesis of Fe-Peak Elements in Core-Collapse Supernovae and Hypernovae
C. Horowitz March 27, 2002 SN1987A Limits on v spectra for r-process nucleosynthesis
R. Gallino March 27, 2002 How to Constrain the R-Process(es) by Observation and by the Galactic Chemical Enrichment of AGB Stars
Y. Qian March 27, 2002 Recent Progress in Theoretical Studies of the r-Process
E. Gawiser March 27, 2002 Towards a Complete Picture of Damped Lyman a Systems
C. Sneden March 27, 2002 Observational Aspects of Neutron-Capture Elements in the Early Galaxy
D. Kirkman March 27, 2002 Observations of Deutrium & Helium
B. Fields March 27, 2002 Lithium, Beryllium, and Boron in Cosmology and Cosmic Rays
C. Deliyannis March 28, 2002 Observations of Li in Metal-Poor Stars
A. Boesgaard March 28, 2002 Observations of Beryllium & Boron
A. Steinhauer March 28, 2002 Evolution of the Open Cluster Lithium Gap
R. Gratton March 28, 2002 Abundances in Dwarfs in Globular Clusters: the ESO LP 165.L-0263
F. D'Antona March 28, 2002 Pollution Scenario(s) for Globular Cluster Stars
A. Weiss March 28, 2002 Proton-Capture Nucleosynthesis and Extra Mixing in Red Giants
S. Ramirez March 28, 2002 Abundances of Stars from the Red Giant Branch Tip to Near the Main Sequence Turn-Off in M71
E. Pancino March 28, 2002 VLT Observations of Metal Rich Giants in Omega Cen: First Indication of SNe Type Ia Enrichment
I. Ivans March 28, 2002 On the Question of the Metallicity Spread in the Globular Cluster M22
M. Asplund March 29, 2002 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres and the light elements
E. Carretta March 29, 2002 Results from a Keck Pilot Program on Extremely Metal-Poor Stars from the Hamburg/ESO Survey
S. Lucatello March 29, 2002 HE0024-2523: An Extremely Metal-Poor Star with an Exceptional Lead Signature
J. Johnson March 29, 2002 The Pb Abundance in Two Metal-Poor CH Stars
C. Pereira March 29, 2002 Yellow Symbiotics
M. Reyniers March 29, 2002 S-Process Studies of Faint Post-AGB Stars with UVES-VLT
F. Herwig March 29, 2002 The S-Process in Rotating AGB Stars
G. Tautvaisiene March 29, 2002 Mixing in Red Helium-Core Burning Stars
G. deMello March 29, 2002 The Young, Solar Metallicity Ursa Major Moving Group and its Remarkable Non-Solar Abundance Pattern
M. Randich March 29, 2002 Oxygen Abundances in the Young Clusters IC 2602 and IC 2391
J. Kneller March 29, 2002 Accurate Spallation Calculations for the Production of Li, Be, & B
A. Murphy March 29, 2002 The Transition from the Hot CNO to the RP-Process

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