The 4th Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium On High Energy Spin Physics
(SPIN 2003)

August 4 - 7, 2003

Plenary Sessions

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W. Volgelsang August 4, 2003 QCD Spin Physics: A Group Portrait
G. Bunce August 4, 2003 Spin Physics frin PHENIX
S. Vigdor August 4, 2003 Spin Physics from STAR
J. Qiu August 4, 2003 Spin Physics at RHIC
D. Boer August 5, 2003 Single Spin Asymmetries
J. Blumlein August 5, 2003 Polarized Parton Distributions and QCD Analysis
G. Mallot August 5, 2003 Spin Physics from COMPASS
W.D. Nowak August 5, 2003 Selected Recent Results from HERMES
W. Diehl August 6, 2003 Recent Developments for GPDs
P. Pedroni August 6, 2003 First Experimental Check of the GDH Sum Rule at Mainz and Bonn
A. Lung August 6, 2003 The G Experiment
K. Imai August 6, 2003 Exotic Baryons and Spin Physics in Japan
A. Deshpande August 7, 2003 Spin Physics at Future Colliders