Workshop on Relativistic Density Functional Theory for Nuclear Structure
September 20 - 24, 2004


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September 20, 2004 B. Serot Chiral effective field theory for nuclei
September 20, 2004 J. Ginocchio Pseudospin symmetry in the relativistic mean-field and beyond
September 20, 2004 A. Leviatan Supersymmetric Patterns in the Relativistic Mean Field Description of Nuclei
September 20, 2004 S. Typel Relativistic Mean Field Models with Momentum-Dependant Self Energies
September 21, 2004 W. Weise Nuclear Many-Body Problem in the Context of Low-Energy QCD
September 21, 2004 S. Fritsch Chiral Dynamics of Nuclear Matter: Role of the Delta-Isobar
September 21, 2004 P. Finelli Nuclear Structure Constained by QCD and Chiral Symmetry
September 21, 2004 A. Bulgac Superfluid LDA
September 22, 2004 R. Furnstahl Covariant Density Functional Theory
September 23, 2004 C. Fuchs Isospin-Asymmetric Nuclear Matter Within the Relativistic Brueckner Approach
September 23, 2004 T. Buervenich Relativistic point-coupling models for finite nuclei
September 23, 2004 P. Reinhard Relativistic and Non-Relativistic Mean Field Models in Comparison
September 23, 2004 M. Bender Correlation Energies from Angular-Momentum Projection and Quadrupole Vibrations
September 24, 2004 P. Ring Relative Density Functional Theory for Nuclear Structure
September 24, 2004 H. Lenske Density-Dependant Field Theory, Interaction in Nuclear and Hypernuclear Matter,the Dirac-Brueckner Theory
September 24, 2004 B. Barrett The No-Core Shell Model

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