INT/RHIC Winter Workshop 2002 on First Two Years of RHIC:
Theory versus Experiments (INT 02-27)

December 13 - 15, 2002


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I. Bearden December 13 Rapidity Dependence of Particle Production
M. Bleicher December 13 Predictions from UrQMDq
J. Velkovska December 13 Hadron Spectra and Yields: Experimental Overview
U. Heinz December 13 v2 from Hydrodynamics
J. Kapusta December 13 LEXUS Predictions
C. Ko December 13 Prediction from AMPT
D. Magestro December 13 Summary of Statistical Model Predictions
G. Roland December 13 Global Measurements: Experimental Overview
N. Xu December 13 Experimental Overview of v2
R. Averbeck December 14 Experimental Overview of Leptons and Charm
D. d'Enterria December 14 High pt Spectra: Experimental Overview
M. Gyulassy December 14 Why we Over-predicted Jet Quenching at RHIC in '92
Y. Kovchegov December 14 Classical YM model Prediction
Z. Lin December 14 Open Charm and Drell-Yan at RHIC
S. Panitkin December 14 Experimental Overview of HBT
S. Pratt December 14 Predictions for HBT
R. Rapp December 14 Thermal Depletion and Predictions
I. Vitev December 14 Jet Quenching in a Tin Plasma
R. Vogt December 14 Prediction of J/Psi Suppression at RHIC
C.Y. Wong December 14 Dissociation of J/psi in Hadronic Matter & in Quark-Gluon Plasma
B. Zhang December 14 Au+Au Collisions at 200 GeV
J. Cramer December 15 Pion Phase Space Density & Entropy in RHIC Collisions
E. Ferreiro December 15 String fusion and percolation at RHIC
M. Gazdzicki December 15 Energy Scan Program at CERN SPS
D. Hardtke December 15 Jet Correlations: Experiments Overview
P. Huovinen December 15 Late Thermalization, Flow and Hydro
B. Jacak December 15 Workshop Summary
J. Jalilian-Marian December 15 From DIS to pA in the Color Glass Condensate Model
J. Jia December 15 New High pt Results from PHENIX
M. Kopytine December 15 Interplay of correlations & fluctuations at RHIC - What do we learn?
R. Lacey December 15 Musings on Azimuthal Correlation Functions
A. Majumder December 15 Lepton Pair Production in a Charged Quark Gluon Plasma or Exploring Some Broken Symmetries with Dileptons
M. Murray December 15 Rapidity Dependence of High Pt Suppression from BRAHMS
P. Sorensen December 15 Recent Results on Identified Particles at Large pt from STAR