RHIC Winter Workshop

January 4 - 6, 2002


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H. Appelshaeuser January 4 HBT Radii from 40, 80, 160 A GeV Pb+Pb Collisions in CERES
G. Bruno January 4 HBT Radii From 160 A GeV Pb+Pb Measured By WA97
S. Johnson January 4 HBT Results at RHIC from PHENIX
B. Holzman January 4 HBT and Other Correlations from PHOBOS
M. Lisa January 4 The low-energy end of the HBT excitation function
S. Voloshin January 4 Event-by-Event Fluctuations and 2-particle Correlation Functions
T. Trainor January 4 Multiscale Correlation and Fluctuation Analysis
P. Kolb January 5 Spectra and HBT Radii From Hydrodynamics
A. Dumitru January 5 Spectra and HBT Radii From Hydro + URQMD
D. Teaney January 5 Spectra and HBT Radii from H2H
M. Stephanov January 5 Theory of Event-By-Event Fluctuations
S. Mrowczynski January 5 pt Fluctution Measures
P. Seyboth January 5 Charge Fluctuations in NA49
M.J. Tannenbaum January 5 Comments on e-by-e Sensitivity
J. Mitchell January 5 pt and ET Event-by-Event Fluctuations in PHENIX
J. Nystrand January 5 Charge Fluctuations in PHENIX
S. Gavin January 5 Baryon Number Fluctuations
Z. Lin January 5 Fluctuations in the Canonical Ensemble
J. Aichelin January 5 What Event Generators Tell Us About Source Sizes
R. Wilson January 6 3-Pion Correlations at RHIC from STAR
D. Brown January 6 Imaging the Source in Heavy-Ion Collisions
P. Filip January 6 FSI Corrections in NA49
D. Flierl January 6 FSI Correction in STAR
J. Burward-Hoy January 6 Simultaneous Fits to Spectra and HBT Radii in PHENIX
B. Tomasik January 6 Simultaneous Fits to Spectra and HBT Radii from RHIC Experiments
B. Tomasik January 6 Phase-Space Densities for Expanding Sources from HBT
J. Cramer January 6 STAR Phase-Space Density and `Bump Volume'
L. Ray January 6 Towards a Comprehensive Fit of Spectra, HBT Radii, and Phase-Space Densities in STAR
M. Murray January 6 HBT and Cluster Formation
D. Hardtke January 6 Nucleus and Antinucleus Cluster Formation at RHIC
Z. Xu January 6 Systematics of Cluster Formation Rates
M. Gyulassy January 6 The In and Out and Side of Pion Imaging: Closing Remarks

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