Workshop on Parton Distributions in the 21st Century

November 18, 2004 - November 20, 2004


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November 18, 2004 H. Boettcher Phenomenology of Unpolarized and Polarized PDFs
November 18, 2004 Z. Meziani Future Structure Function Measurements
November 18, 2004 S. Kretzer Strange Quark Asymmetries in the Nucleon
November 18, 2004 J. Morfin Neutrino Probes of PDFs
November 18, 2004 K. Kumar Parity-Violating DIS Asymmetries at High X
November 18, 2004 T. Londergan Isospin Violation in Parton Distribution
November 18, 2004 J. Bluemlein Mathematical Structure of Anomalous Dimensions and Coefficient Funtions in Higher Orders
November 19, 2004 C. Keppel Structure Functions in the Resonance Region and Quark-Hadron Duality
November 19, 2004 B. Badelek Low Q^2 Structure Functions - Polarised and Unpolarised
November 19, 2004 A. Miller Flavor Decomposition at HERMES
November 19, 2004 F. Yuan QCD Factorization for Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering
November 19, 2004 H. Avakian Factorization Studies in Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic
November 19, 2004 J. Peng Flavor and Spin Asymmetries in the Proton Sea
November 20, 2004 G. Miller Models of the EMC Effect
November 20, 2004 J. Gomez Nuclear Structure Functions: Experimental Review
November 20, 2004 W. Melnitchouk Nuclear Effects in Light Nuclei
November 20, 2004 S. Kumano Determination of Parton Distribution Functions in the Nucleon and Nuclei
November 20, 2004 M. Strikman Nuclear Effects in Inclusive Scattering off Polarized He-3

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