Advanced Computational Methods for Solving the Nuclear Many-Body Problem

March 12 - 15, 2002


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B. Barrett March 12, 2002 An Overview of Nuclear Many-Body Theory: Past, Present and Future
M. Hjorth-Jensen March 12, 2002 Effective Interactions for the Nuclear Shell Model
P. Navratil March 12, 2002 Jacobi Coordinate HO Basis and the Three-body Interactions in the ab Initio Shell Model
E. Ormand March 12, 2002 ANTOINE, REDSTICK, Three-Body Interactions, Bootsrapping
T. Otsuka March 13, 2002 Present Status of Large-Scale Shell-Model Calculations in Tokyo
T. Mizusaki March 13, 2002 An Extrapolation Method for Shell Model Calculations -Shell Model XP-
J. Draayer March 13, 2002 Group Theory Methods (Nuclear Shell Model) [pdf]
R. Wiringa March 13, 2002 QMC for Light Nuclei I: Variational Groundwork
S. Pieper March 13, 2002 QMC for Light Nuclei I: GMFC Calculations
J. Carlson March 13, 2002 QMC for Light Nuclei I: -Beyond GMFC
M. Horoi March 14, 2002 Central Michigan Shell Model Code (CMichSM): Present and Future Applications [Powerpoint]
J. Wells March 14, 2002 Many-body Methods in Nanoscience: Application to Passivated Metal Clusters and Molecular Electronics [pdf]
M. Seager March 14, 2002 Trends in High Performance Technical Computing and Their Impact on Scientific Simulation [pdf]
C. Yang March 14, 2002 Large-Scale Eigenvalue Computation
P. Piecuch March 14, 2002 Advances in Electronic Strucure Theory: New Coupled-Cluster Methods for Degenerate Ground States, Molecular Potential Energy Surfaces, and Excited States
B. Mihaila March 14, 2002 Coupled-Structure Calculations for p-Shell Nuclei
T. Luu March 15, 2002 A Perturbative Scheme in V for Effective Interactions
S. Pittel March 15, 2002 The Density Matrix Renormalization Group Method in Nuclear Structure Physics
G. Bertsch March 15, 2002 Computational Issues in Time-dependent Density-functional Theory and Some Applications
T. Papenbrock March 15, 2002 Numerical Methods for Interacting Bose Systems
A. Nogga March 15, 2002 Solving Faddeev-Yakubovsky Equations in Momentum Space
A. Juodagalvis March 15, 2002 Preliminary Report on Oak Ridge Parallel Shell Model Code

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