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Note: The Institute for Nuclear Theory is using the same emergency plan as Physics since we are located in the same building and share facilities.

  1. Department:
    Institute for Nuclear Theory
    Main Office: Room C411 Physics Astronomy Building
    PHONE: (206) 685-3360, FAX (206) 685-3730
  2. Department Administrator:
    Linda Vilett
    Room C411-C, Physics Astronomy Tower
    (206) 685-3958

  3. Last Updated (date/person): October 24, 2018 - Cheryl McDaniel
  4. Health and Safety Coordinator:
    Peter Kammel
    Room C-515, Physics Astronomy Tower
    (206) 685-2401

  5. Departmental Health and Safety Team members:
    Linda Vilett (Institute for Nuclear Theory)
    (206) 685-3958

  6. Person responsible for stocking minor departmental First-Aid Kit (located on the wall in room C411):
    Cheryl McDaniel
  7. Floor Wardens: For a complete list see the Emergency Evacuation & Operation Plan (EEOP) at or the separate list of floor wardens at .

    4th Tower
    Linda Vilett
    Sanjay Reddy (alternate)
    OFFICE #
    PHONE #
    (206) 685-3958
    (206) 685-2397
  8. EH&S Phone Numbers and contact staff list:
    See main EH&S web-site: