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Modern Exotic Hadrons (INT-15-60W)
(INT Workshop November 2-13, 2015)

Reported by Jozef Dudek, Ryan Mitchell, Eric Swanson
  Date posted November 23, 2015

The workshop "Modern Hadronic Hadrons" brought together 25 experts in the field of hadron spectroscopy to assess the multitude of novel states that has been discovered in the past eleven years. Several of these states point to new ways in which Quantum Chromodynamics can construct matter. Specifically, the long-established mesons and baryons can be thought of as bound states of quarks and antiquarks or three quarks respectively. However, the novel states contain the carriers of the strong force (called gluons) or can consist of many quarks in a bound state or resonance.

Experimental evidence presented at the workshop and elsewhere make it clear that something unusual is happening in the hadron spectrum. This will almost certainly require revamping the current understanding of the emergent properties of QCD at low energies. As was made clear at the workshop, this process will be made easier by the development of new technology in lattice field theory and increasingly sophisticated phenomenological models.