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   :: Larry McLerran to become the next INT director, effective August 1, 2016.
   :: Map of where our RAPs, postdocs and grad students are now.
   :: Stealthy dark matter, research done at the INT by former post-doc M. Buchoff & collaborators
   :: Nuclear magnetic moments from Lattice QCD
   :: Lecture notes from the 2012 INT summer school Lattice QCD for Nuclear Physics are now available from Springer press.
   :: INT introduces a Wiki for program attendees to share information on childcare in Seattle - please contact INT staff for the password.
   :: TALENT/INT Course on Nuclear Forces

  Other News

   :: INPC 2016 soliciting nuclear astrophysics abstracts by May 13
   :: Output from INT-13-3 program: Error estimates of theoretical models: a guide
   :: NRC Nuclear Physics Decadal Survey and Videos
   :: Science at the Exascale
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Recent Activity at INT:

Bayesian Methods in Nuclear Physics (INT-16-2a)
(INT Program June 13 - July 8, 2016)

Reported by Richard Furnstahl, Dave Higdon, Nicolas Schunck, Andrew Steiner
Reported on July 19, 2016
The INT Program INT-16-2a on "Bayesian Methods in Nuclear Physics" was held from June
13 through July 8, 2016. It had 51 registered participants and 35 scheduled talks with focused afternoon discussions. Bayesian statistics is a well-developed field, although it has not been part of the traditional education of nuclear theorists. Read more...

Nuclear Physics from Lattice QCD (INT-16-1)
(INT Program March 21 - May 27, 2016)

Reported by Nir Barnea, Silas Beane, Zohreh Davoudi, Ubirajara van Kolck
Reported on July 11, 2016
The last decade has witnessed dramatic progress in three directions -- lattice quantum chromodynamics (LQCD), nuclear effective field theories (NEFT), and ab initio nuclear-structure methods (AiM) -- all of which aim to derive and describe nuclear physics with fully controlled uncertainties in a manner consistent with QCD. Read more...