Reactor and Accelerator Neutrinos Working Group Session

September 21

1:45-2:00: Vernon Barger, Opportunities for oscillation searches at low energies
2:00-2:15: Stuart Freedman, Kamland
2:15-2:30: Frank Avignone, Orland
2:30-2:45: Ray Stefanski, Short-term opportunities at Fermilab
2:45-3:00: Rex Tayloe, Neutrino-proton elastic scattering
3:00-3:15: Edwin Kolbe, Why measure differential cross sections for neutrino scattering off 16O?
3:15-3:30: Malcolm Butler, Neutrino-deuteron interactions in effective field theory

September 22

2:15-4:00: Discussion of future possibilities, priorities

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