Underground Laboratories Working Group Session

September 21

4:00-4:15: Tom Bowles, Future Solar Neutrino Experiments
4:15-4:30: Ludwig DeBraeckeleer*, Double Beta decay experiments
4:30-4:45: Bob Stokstad, Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
4:45-5:00: Stuart Freedman*, Reactor and Accelerator neutrino experiments
5:00-5:15: Ken Lande: Homestake Mine
5:15-5:30: Rodger Nelson, WIPP
5:30-5:45: Mark Chen, Gran Sasso

September 22

2:15-2:30: Bob Bernstein, Soudan
2:30-2:45: Alan Poon, Hard Rock Facilities( SNO, Kamioka, Gran Sasso)
2:45-4:00: Discussion of future possibilities, priorities

* - to be confirmed

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