Advanced Computational Methods for Solving the Nuclear Many-Body Problem

March 12 - 15, 2002

How to submit online talks

We expect to post, on the INT web page, scanned transparencies of all talks presented at this workshop. Electronic submission is the most convenient (see below for acceptable formats). If you must submit a hard copy, you can send either the original transparencies or legible photocopies.

Electronic submission: You can submit your talk in electronic format by email to Please use "AdvancedComp_Mar02_lastname" as your subject line.

We currently accept the following formats:

1) Postscript: Either as one big postscript file with all your transparencies on it OR as several separate files, each file with one transparency on it and named,, .. ..
2) TIFF or pnm: Each transparency as a separate file named 01.TIFF, 02.TIFF .. 10.TIFF .. OR 01.pnm, 02.pnm .. 10.pnm .. If you are submitting more than one file please tar and gzip your files together and name the file as: "lastname"_advancedcomp_Mar02.tar.gz Unfortunately we are unable to accept powerpoint files.

Hardcopy submission: Send either original transparencies or legible photocopies to:

Advanced Computational Methods for Solving the Nuclear Many-Body Problem
Nancy Tate
Institute for Nuclear Theory
University of Washington
Box 351550
Seattle, WA 98195-1550

Include the following information:
Speaker's full name and institution
Address to which originals should be returned

You may also submit your transparencies during the workshop. However, we cannot guarantee that your talk will be scanned prior to your departure. Please give your transparencies to an INT staff member at one of the workshop breaks, and we will return them to your as soon as we are able.

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