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Jesse L. Greenstein
Lawrence H. Aller

Scientific Organizing Committee
C. Charbonnel
G. Fuller
W. Haxton
C. Hogan
R.P. Kraft
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C.A. Pilachowski
C. Sneden
G. Wallerstein

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Laura Lee
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Stellar Abundances & Nucleosynthesis Conference

March 27-29, 2002

Sponsored by the Institute for Nuclear Theory and
the University of Washington Department of Astronomy

Topics to be included will be:

  • Light elements and isotopes produced in the Big Bang
  • Beryllium, Boron and their origins
  • Abundances in globular clusters and other extremely metal-poor stars
  • Mixing and nucleosynthesis
  • The r-process and iron-peak elements as produced in SNIIs
  • Evidence from distant damped Lyman-alpha clouds
  • Other topics introduced by contributed papers
Click here for lodging information.

We expect to have some travel support funds but they are not available yet. Preference will be given to graduate student and postdocs, but all requests will be considered. Please direct your request to George Wallerstein at wall@astro.washington.edu.

Invited speakers and their topics are:

Day 1:
David Kirkman, Observations of Deuterium and Helium
Scott Burles, Theory of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Constantine Delyannis, Lithium in Stars
Ann Boesgaard, Observations of Beryllium and Boron
Brian Fields, Theory of Be and B Production and Depletion
Martin Asplund, The Effects of Model Atmospheres on Abundance Analyses

Day 2:
Arthur Wolfe, Abundances from Damped Lyman-alpha Clouds
Timothy Beers, Extremely Metal-poor stars
Rafaele Gratton, Abundances in Globular Clusters
Achim Weiss, Mixing in Globular Cluster Stars
Francesca D'Antona, Formation of Globular Clusters
Suchitra Balachandran, The O/Fe Problem
Corinne Charbonnel, Non-convective Mixing in Stars

Day 3:
Andrew McWilliam, Fe-Peak Elements
David Arnett, Supernova Nucleosynthesis
Chris Sneden, Observations of R-process Elements
Y.-Z. Qian, Theory of the R-process
David Lambert, The S-process

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