Organizing Committee:
A. Belitsky (Maryland)
E. Berger (Argonne)
J.P. Chen (JLab)
E. Henley (Seattle)
X. Ji (Chair, Maryland)
R. Milner (MIT)
N. Saito (Kyoto)

International Committee:
D. Beck (Illinois)
S. Brodsky (SLAC)
G. Bunce (BNL)
V. Burkert (JLab)
A. Efremov (JINR)
H. Enyo (RIKEN)
E. Hughes (Caltech)
K. Imai (Kyoto)
R. L. Jaffe (MIT)
K. de Jager (JLab)
J. Kodaira (Hiroshima)
B. Q. Ma (Beijing)
Z. -E. Meziani (Temple, Philadelphia)
W. -D. Nowak (DESY-Zeuten)
C. Prescott (SLAC)
K. Rith (Erlangen)
J. Soffer (Marseille)
A. Schaefer (Regensburg)
T. -A. Shibata (Tokyo Tech)
A. W. Thomas (Adelaide)
L. Trueman (BNL)
G. van der Steenhoven (NIKHEF)

Symposium Coordinator:

Laura Lee
(206) 685-3509

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The 4th Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium On High Energy Spin Physics (SPIN 2003)
4-7 August 2003, Seattle, USA

Aug. 3 (Sunday) Reception 6:00-9:00pm
Aug. 4 (Monday) Morning: Plenary Session
Afternoon: Parallel Session
Aug. 5 (Tuesday) Morning: Plenary Session
Afternoon: Parallel Session
Aug. 6 (Wednesday) Morning: Plenary Session
Afternoon: Free
Evening: Banquet (seafood buffet)
Aug. 7 (Thursday) Morning: Parallel session
Afternoon: Closing session

This is the fourth in the series of symposiums organized by physicists in the countries around the Pacific Rim, devoted mainly to high-energy QCD spin physics. The first two symposiums were held in Japan. The third one was held in Beijing, China in Oct. 2001. The goal of the symposiums is to bring together experimentalists and theorists to discuss progress, open questions, and future prospects in the field of high-energy spin physics. For this meeting, we expect to hear new results from RHIC spin collaborations, HERMES collaboration at DESY, COMPASS collaboration at CERN, JLab experiments from Hall A & B, SLAC E158, and many more...

Besides the four half-day plenary sessions, we plan to have six parallel sessions on various topics of QCD spin physics.

Plenary Session Speakers include (in random order, shown confirmed talks only):
W. Vogelsang, Introductory talk
S. Vigdor, RHIC Spin Physics at Star
J. Qiu, RHIC Spin Physics: Theory
G. Cates, Moller scattering at SLAC
A. Thomas, Spin Physics and Lattice QCD
D. Boer, Single Spin Asymmetry
J. Blumlein, Polarized Parton distributions
G. Mallot, Spin Physics from COMPASS
Z. Meziani, Spin Physics from Hall A, Jlab
K. Griffioen, Spin Physics with CLAS, Jlab
W.-D. Nowak, Spin Physics from HERMES
M. Diehl, Generalized Parton Distributions
K. Imai, Spin Physics in Japan
A. Deshpande, Future Spin Physics Facilities
A. Lung, Parity-violation in G0 Experiment
E. Hughes, Summary talk
P. Pedron, Spin Physics from Mainz and Bonn
P. Souder, Vernon Hughes and His Physics Experiments
R. Jaffe, Impact of Vernon Hughes Experiments
M. Grosse-Perdekamp, Spin Physics from the PHENIX collaboration

If anybody wants to give a talk in parallel sessions, please contact the following organizers before mid February:

Parallel Sessions
1) Quark polarization in the nucleon
Organizers: B. Q. Ma (Beijing,, W. Melnitchouk (Jlab,, T. Shibata (Tokyo Tech,

2) Gluon polarization in the nucleon
Organizers: E. Berger (ANL,, N. Saito (Kyoto,

3) Spin physics at intermediate Q2
Organizers: J. P. Chen (Jlab,, G. Miller(Seattle,, T. Hemmert (Muenchen,

4) Transverse spin physics
Organizers: H. Avagyan (Jlab,, N. Makins (Illinois,, P. Mulders (Amsterdam,

5) Generalized parton distributions
Organizers: A. Belitsky(Maryland,, L. Elouadrhiri(Jlab,, S. Stepanyan(Jlab,

6) Spin Physics at low energy
Organizers: E. Henley (Seattle,, L. Trueman (BNL,

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