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Eric Adelberger, Univ. Washington
Heide Costantini, INFN-Genova
Wick Haxton, Univ. Washington
Peter Parker, Yale Univ.
R. G. Hamish Robertson, Univ. Washington
Kurt Snover, Univ. Washington
Frank Strieder Ruhr-U. Bochum
Michael Wiescher, Notre Dame

Program Coordinator:
Inge Dolan
(206) 685-4286

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Solar Fusion Cross Sections for the pp chain and CNO cycle

January 21-23 2009

Working Group Key Papers

S11 and Related Theory

  1. "Weak capture of protons by protons", August, 1998
  2. "Parameter free effective field theory calculation for the solar proton fusion and hep processes", May, 2003
  3. "Proton proton fusion in effective field theory to fifth order", September, 2001
  4. "Radiative corrections in neutrino deuterium disintegration", April, 2002

    - Secondary papers

  5. "Model dependence of the neutrino-deuteron disintegration cross sections at low energies", April, 2002
  6. "Radiative corrections to the neutrino-deuteron reactions", October, 2006
  7. "Proton proton fusion in leading order of effective field theory", June, 1999
  8. "Proton-proton fusion in pionless effective theory", 2008
  9. "How low-energy weak reactions can constrain three-nucleon forces and the neutron-neutron scattering length", June, 2002
  10. "Neutron-neutron scattering length from the reaction γd → π+nn employing chiral perturbation theory", May, 2007

3He+3He S-factor

  1. "First Measurement of the 3He(3He, 2p)4He Cross Section down to the Lower Edge of the Solar Gamow Peak", June, 1999
  2. "Cross section of 3He(3He, 2p)4He measured at solar energies", May, 1998
  3. "Large-space cluster model calculations for the 3He(3He, 2p)4He and 3H(3H, 2n)4He reactions", December, 1998
  4. "Cross section of 3He(3He, 2p)4He measured near the Gamow energy", 2003

p + 7Be and p+d S-factors

  1. "Absolute cross section of 7Be(p,γ)8B", May, 2001
  2. "Electromagnetic dissociation of 8B and the rate of the 7Be(p,γ)8B reaction in the Sun", 2001
  3. "Coulomb breakup of 8B and the flux of 8B neutrinos from the Sun", 2002
  4. "Electromagnetic dissociation of 8B and the astrophysical S factor for 7Be(p,γ)8B", October, 2003
  5. Comment on "Reconciling Coulomb Dissociation and Radiative Capture Measurements", April, 2006
  6. "Low-energy cross section of the 7Be(p,γ)8B solar fusion reaction from the Coulomb dissociation of 8B", 2006
  7. Esbensen, Bertsch, and Snover Reply, April, 2006
  8. "Determination of S17(0) from published data", October, 2004
  9. "The 7Be(p,γ)8B Reaction and its Future", 2005
  10. Reanalysis of the 7Be(p,γ)8B S factor in a microscopic model", 2004
  11. "Critical assessment of the claim of a significant difference between the results of measurements of the Coulomb dissociation of 8B and the 7Be(p,γ)8B direct capture reaction", 2006
  12. "First measurement of the d(p,γ)3He cross section down to the solar Gamow peak", 2002
  13. "Absolute cross section of p(7Be, γ)8B using a novel approach", 2000
  14. "Reconciling Coulomb Dissociation and Radiative Capture Measurements", January, 2005
  15. "Precise measurement of the 7Be(p,γ)8B S factor", December, 2003
  16. "A new measurement of the 7Be(p,γ)8B cross-section with an implanted 7Be target", September, 1999
  17. "New measurement of the proton capture rate on 7Be and the S17(0) factor", June, 2003
  18. "Precision Measurement of the 7Be(p,γ)8B Cross Section with an Implanted 7Be Target", January, 2003
  19. "Scattering of 7Be and 8Be and the astrophysical S17 factor", February, 2006
  20. "Status of World Data on the Formation of Solar 8B"
  21. "Electromagnetic structure of A = 2 and 3 nuclei and the nuclear current operator", July, 2005.

Neutrino spectra

  1. "Precise study of the final-state continua in 8Li and 8B decays", May, 2006
  2. "The 8B neutrino spectrum", February, 2006
  3. "Experimental Determination of the 8B Neutrino Spectrum", 2007
  4. "Standard neutrino spectrum from 8B decay", July, 1996
  5. "Solar fusion cross sections", October, 1998
  6. "Shape of the 8B Alpha and Neutrino Spectra", October, 2000
  7. "Search for the second forbidden β decay of 8B to the ground state of 8Be", November, 2007
  8. "Beta and neutrino spectra in the decay of 8B", July, 1987

14N(p,γ) S-factor

  1. "The 14N(p,γ)15O low-energy S-factor", 2001
  2. "Asymptotic normalization coefficients for 14N + p → 15O and the astrophysical S factor", 2003
  3. "S-factor of 14N(p,γ)15O at astrophysical energies, June, 2005
  4. "Direct Measurement of the 15O low-energy S Factor", 2005
  5. "Low energy measurement of the 14N(p,γ)15O total cross section at the LUNA underground facility", September, 2006

    - Secondary papers

  6. "Lifetime of the 6793-keV State in 15O, October, 2001
  7. "14N(3He,d)15) as a probe of direct capture in the 14N(p,γ)15O reaction", November, 2002
  8. "Analyzing power measurement for the 14N(over-right-arrow p,γ)15O reaction at astrophysically relevant energies, 2003
  9. "E1 strength of the substhreshold 3/2+ state in 15O studied by Coulomb excitation, November,2004
  10. "Precision study of ground state capture in the 14N(p,γ)15O reaction, 2008
  11. "Lifetime measurement of the 6792 keV state in 15O, important for the astrophysical S factor extrapolation in 14N(p,γ)15O, 2008

3He+4He S-factor

  1. "New Precision Measurment of the 3He(4He,γ)7Be Cross Section", December, 2004
  2. "3He(α, γ)7Be cross section at low energies", March, 2007
  3. "Astrophysical S factor of the 3He(α, γ)7Be reaction measured at low energy via detection of prompt and delayed γ rays", June, 2007
  4. "3He + 4He → 7Be astrophysical S factor", November, 2007
  5. "The 3He(α, γ)7Be S-factor at solar energies: The prompt γ experiment at LUNA", October, 2008
  6. "Radiative α-capture cross sections from realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions and variational Monte Carlo wave functions", April 2001
  7. "Compilation and R-matrix analysis of Big Bang nuclear reaction rates", 2004
  8. "Radiative alpha-capture rates leading to A = 7 nuclei: Applications to the solar neutrino problem and Big Bang nucleosynthesis", January, 1987
  9. "Evaluation of Modern 3He(α, γ)7Be Data", to be published
  10. "Stellar and primordial nucleosynthesis of 7Be: measurement of 3He(α, γ)7Be", submitted to PRL, November, 2008.

hep S-factor

  1. "Realistic Calculation of the 3He + p (hep) Astrophysical Factor", June, 2000.
  2. "Weak proton capture on 3He", December, 2000
  3. "Parameter-free effective field theory calculation for the solar proton-fusion and hep processes", May, 2003
  4. "The Solar hep Process", 2004
  5. "A Search for Neutrinos from the Solar hep Reaction and the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory", December, 2006

7Be, pep, CNO electron capture

  1. "The Salpeter plasma correction for solar fusion reactions", December, 2001
  2. "Why the Salpeter approximation is not valid in the Sun", May, 2003
  3. "Radiative corrections to low energy neutrino reactions", March, 2003
  4. "Solar neutrinos from CNO electron capture", January, 2004
  5. "Influence of protons on the capture of electrons by 7Be in the Sun", March, 2007
  6. Comment on "Influence of protons on the capture of electrons by 7Be in the Sun", January, 2008
  7. Reply to the Comment on "Influence of protons on the capture of electrons by the nuclei of 7Be in the Sun", November, 2007
  8. "Modified Debye-Hückel electron shielding and penetration factor", May, 2007
  9. "Nuclear electron capture rate in stellar interiors and the case of 7Be", December, 2008

Theoretical issues

  1. "Alternative parameterization of R-matrix theory", October, 2002
  2. "Parameter-free effective field theory calculation for the solar proton-fusion and hep processes", May, 2003
  3. "Weak transitions in A= 6 and 7 nuclei", April, 2002
  4. "E0 emission in α + 12C fusion at astrophysical energies", May, 2007
  5. "Theory of the Trojan-Horse method", February, 2003
  6. "Extraction of Astrophysical Cross Sections in the Trojan-Horse Method", 2000

Validating New Techniques

  1. "Tests of transfer reaction determinations of astrophysical S factors", February, 1999
  2. "Electromagnetic dissociation of 8B and the rate of the 7Be(p, γ)8B reaction in the Sun", May, 2001
  3. "Reaction models to probe the structure of light exotic nuclei", October, 2003
  4. "Asymptotic normalization coefficients for 14N+p15O and the astrophysical S factor for
    14N(p, γ)15O", June, 2003
  5. "Reconciling Coulomb Dissociation and Radiative Capture Measurements", February, 2005
  6. "Trojan Horse as an indirect technique in nuclear astrophysics", December, 2007
  7. "Measurement of the 20 and 90 keV Resonances in the 18O(p, α)15N Reaction via the Trojan Horse Method", October, 2008
  8. "Theory of the Trojan-Horse method", February, 2003
  9. "Extraction of Astrophysical Cross Sections in the Trojan-Horse Method", 2000

Future facilities


  1. "The LUNA II 400 kV accelerator", July, 2003
  2. "Nuclear Astrophysics At LUNA: Status and Perspectives"


  3. "Recoil separator ERNA: ion beam purification", November, 1999
  4. "Recoil separator ERNA: charge state distribution, target density, beam heating, and longitudinal acceptance", October 2004

    ST. GEORGE (Notre Dame University)

  5. "Design of the recoil mass separator St. George", 2008


  6. "Design of the low energy astrophysics research facility CLAIRE", April, 2007
  7. "Underground Accelerator Laboratory for Nuclear Astrophysics", November, 2007