Susan Gardner

Barry Holstein

Jeffrey Nico

W. Michael Snow

Program Coordinator:
Laura Lee
(206) 685-3509

Tentative Program Schedule, with Week-by-Week Foci

Electric Dipole Moments and CP Violation Workshop

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Fundamental Neutron Physics

March 19 - June 8, 2007

Tentative Program Schedule

Mar 19 week 1 EDM
Mar 26 week 2 CP, T violation; QCD; Gravity
Apr 2 week 3 CP, T violation; QCD ; beta-decay
Apr 9 week 4 CP, T violation; QCD ; beta-decay
Apr 16 week 5 Electromagnetic Properties (a_ne, polarizabilities, etc.)
Apr 23 week 6 Gravity; QCD; time dep. of fund. constants; astrophysics
Apr 30 week 7 Gravity; QCD; baryon no. violation (NNbar oscillations, etc.)
May 7 week 8 EDM, astrophysics
May 14 week 9 beta-decay
May 21 week 10 beta-decay
May 28 week 11 hadronic parity violation
Jun 4 week 12 hadronic parity violation

The planned program is inclusive.

Prospective attendees are encouraged to come whether or not their favorite topic is listed as a "focus" during the duration of their intended visit.