Preliminary Program of the INT/RHIC Winter Workshop on
First Two Years of RHIC: Theory versus Experiments

December 13-15, 2002



Friday, December 13




8:30-9:30             Registration

9:30-9:40            Welcome

Chair:  Larry McLerran

9:40-10:10            Global Measurements: Experimental Overview- Gunther Roland

10:10-10:40             Rapidity Dependence of Particle Production - Ian Bearden

10:40-11:10            Coffee break

11:10-11:40            Prediction from AMPT- Cheming Ko

11:40-12:10            LEXUS Predictions- Joseph Kapusta


12:20-2:00 Lunch


Chair:  Peter Jacobs

2:00-2:30            Hadron Spectra & Yields: Experimental Overview- Julia Velkovska

2:30-3:00            Prediction from UrQMD- Marcus Bleicher         

3:00-3:30            Summary of Statistical Model Predictions- Dan Magestro

3:30-4:00             Coffee break

Chair:  Jan Rak

4:00-4:30            Experimental Overview of v2- Nu Xu

4:30-5:00            v2 from Hydrodynamics- Ulrich Heinz  

5:00-5:30            Parton Cascade Predictions- Denes Molnar

5:30-6:00            Hydrodynamics: What didn't work and why - Derek Teaney


Saturday, December 14



Chair:  John Harris

9:00-9:30            High pt Spectra: Experimental Overview-David d'Enterria

9:30-10:00            Why we Over-predicted Jet Quenching at RHIC in '92- Miklos Gyulassy

10:00-10:30            Classical YM model Prediction- Yuri Kovchegov

10:30-11:00             Coffee break

11:00-11:30            Jet Quenching in a Thin Plasma- Ivan Vitev

11:30-12:00            Au+Au Collisions at 200 GeV- Bin Zhang




12:00-1:30 Lunch




Chair:  Kirill Filimonov

1:30-2:00            Experimental Overview of Leptons and Charm- Ralf Averbeck

2:00-2:30            Open Charm and Drell-Yan at RHIC- Ziwei Lin

2:30-3:00            Prediction of J/Psi Suppression at RHIC- Ramona Vogt

3:00-3:30        Dissociation of J/psi in Hadronic Matter & in Quark-Gluon Plasma- Cheuk-Yin Wong

3:30-4:00             Coffee break

Chair:  Sean Gavin

4:00-4:30            Predictions for Dilepton Production- Ralf Rapp

4:30-5:00            Experimental Overview of HBT- Sergey Panitkin

5:00-5:30            Predictions for HBT- Scott Pratt       


7:30 PM Banquet at Portage Bay Café (Connected to the University Inn)

(Panel discusses the selection of winners before dinner. Panel consists of:

John Harris, Huan Huang, Barbara Jacak, Larry McLerran, Berndt Muller)



Sunday, December 15



Chair:  Peter Barnes

9:00-9:30            New High pt Results from PHENIX - Jiangyong Jia

9:30-10:00            Recent Results on Identified Particles at Large pt from STAR- Paul Sorensen

10:00-10:30            Parton Saturation and High-pt Spectra- Dima Kharzeev

10:30-11:00            Coffee break

11:00-11:30            Jet Correlations: Experiments Overview-Dave Hardtke

11:30-11:50            From DIS to pA in the Color Glass Condensate Model- Jamal Jalilian-Marian

11:50-12:10            Rapidity Dependence of High Pt Suppression from BRAHMS- Michael Murray

12:10-12:30            Musings on Azimuthal Correlation Functions- Roy Lacey


12:30-2:00 Lunch



Chair:  Sergei Voloshin

2:00-2:20            Late Thermalization, Flow and Hydro- Pasi Huovinen

2:20-2:40            Pion Phase Space Density & Entropy in RHIC Collisions- John Cramer

2:40-3:00            Dilepton production from a charged quark gluon plasma- Abhijit Majumder

3:00-3:20            Energy scan program at CERN SPS- Marek Gazdzicki

3:20-3:50            Coffee break

Chair:  Xin-Nian Wang

3:50-4:10            String fusion & percolation at RHIC- Elena G. Ferreiro

4:10-4:30            Interplay of correlations & fluctuations at RHIC - What do we learn? – Mikhail Kopytine

4:30-5:10            Workshop Summary- Barbara Jacak

One can find the contributions to the prediction competition at: