Name Title
Borzov, Ivan HF-BCS=Continuum QRPA Calculations of the Beta-Decay Half Lives of Very Neutron-Rich Nuclei
Bragaglia, Angela The Field RR Lyrae Star CM Leo & its Chemical Abundance
Briley, Michael Carbon & Nitrogen Abundances Among M5 and M71 Subgiants
Cavallo, R. Djehuty:  A 3D Stellar Evolution Code
D'Antona, Francesca The Initial Chemical Composition of Globular Cluster Stars:  Consequences on the Age Determination
D'Cruz, Noella Calcium Abundances in Horizontal Branch Stars
Escher, Jutta A New Signature for Nuclear Shell Closures?
Fulbright, Jon Oxygen Abundances from both the Forbidden & Permitted Lines
Garcia-Perez, Ana Elia Effects of UV Line Blanketing on Non-LTE Fe I Line Formation
Gonzalez, Guillermo Metallicity Trends Among Stars with Planets
Harbeck, Daniel External Enrichment Processes in the Globular Cluster 47 Tuc
Ivanova, Natasha Ballooning Helium in Massive Star Merger Products
Karlsson, Torgny Nucleosynthetic Maps and the Nature of the First Stars
Lattanzio, John & Elliott, Lisa Primary Nitrogen Production in the Early Universe by AGB Stars
Nollett, Ken Cool Bottom Processing on the AGB and Presolar Grain Compositions
Pancino, Elena The Bologna Key Project on Omega Cen
Pompeia, Luciana Alpha & Heavy Elements Abundances of Nearby Bulgelike Dwarf Stars
Richard, Olivier Models of Metal-Poor Stars with Gravitational Settling and Radiative Accelerations
Ruotsalainen, Robert Stellar Photometric Modeling of Metal-Poor Irregular Galaxies
Sahu, Meena The D/H Abundance Ratio Towards the Nearby Hot White Dwarf G191-B2B
Sestito, Paola Lithium Abundance in the Old Open Cluster NGC188
Short, Ian Modeling Red Giant Atmospheres & Spectra with Greater Physical Realism
Tsujimoto, Takuji Inhomogenous Chemical Evolution & Rhw Production Site for R-Process Elements
Zoccali, Manuela CN & CH Anomalies in Globular Cluster Turnoff Stars