Neutrino Workshop

Contributed Papers

Participants wishing to contribute papers should specify below the title, possible speaker, and working group most appropriate for the material. If the number of requests for time is large, the working group convenors may not be able to schedule everyone for an oral presentation. In this case we will provide posters and ask the convenors to include relevant submissions in their summaries, whether or not an oral presentation has been made.

Working Group:  

Working Groups and Convenors

Solar Neutrinos
A. Baha Balantekin (Wisconsin) and Bob Lanou (Brown)

Supernova Neutrinos, the Supernova Mechanism, and Related Astrophysics
George Fuller (UCSD), Ken Lande (Penn), and Tony Mezzacappa (ORNL)

Reactor and Accelerator Neutrinos
Frank Avignone (South Carolina), Bill Louis (LANL), and Petr Vogel (Caltech)

Underground Laboratories (including atmospheric and high energy neutrinos)
Todd Haines (LANL) and Kevin Lesko (LBNL)

Neutrino Mass
Wick Haxton (Washington) and John Wilkerson (Washington)

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