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Speakers and Topics

D. Beck gave a survey of current and proposed experiments which study strangeness using leptons, and then showed results from SAMPLE and outlined the interesting strange currents in the nucleon. The role of hyperon semileptonic decays in unraveling the effect of SU(3) breaking was discussed by P. Ratcliffe. S. Pate talked about deep inelastic scattering at HERMES, current results, and planned upgrades. G. Miller presented his calculations investigating charge symmetry breaking. R. Schumacher presented the Jefferson Laboratory experiments that study strangeness. Finally, S. Cotanch compared his model calculations to the new Hall C data for kaon electroproduction from both the proton and deuteron, and documented the utility of phi photoproduction and p(pi-,e+e-)n as probes of the nucleon strangeness content.

Martin Savage