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Hyperons and Hypernuclei

Two days of the workshop were dedicated to hyperons and hypernuclei. A consensus was reached that the funding situation for experiments looks grim. As the Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science of 1989 indicates, the preference given to the completion of CEBAF and RHIC over strangeness facilities was predicated on the assumption that the Canadian project KAON would be completed and have a large US participation. This participation was labeled ``essential'' to the health of nuclear physics in the next century. Unfortunately, the 1996 Plan does not address the disappearance of KAON. The frontier of nuclear physics lies at the intersection between nuclear and particle physics, including investigations of strangeness, exotic particles, and in particular the role of QCD in nuclear physics. CEBAF and RHIC alone are not sufficient to address these issues. The yet to be built JHF provides a future for some of these investigations, but one that is unlikely to be fully realized without funding for strangeness efforts in the United States to provide an intellectual and technical bridge.


Martin Savage