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Spin-dependent parton distributions of the nucleon

Contributor: S. Pate.

The polarized distributions $(\Delta u(x) + \Delta\bar{u}(x))$ and $(\Delta d(x) + \Delta\bar{d}(x))$ of the nucleon have been measured at HERMES, and will be published soon. With the particle identification upgrade now complete, HERMES will additionally measure $(\Delta s(x) + \Delta\bar{s}(x))$ over the next two years, while improving the precision of the $(\Delta u(x) + \Delta\bar{u}(x))$ and $(\Delta d(x) + \Delta\bar{d}(x))$ values. Further, HERMES will perform an integral measurement of $\Delta G/G$ to $\pm30$% over the next two years. In a complimentary spin program, the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) will provide a measurement of the distribution $\Delta G/G(x)$ by approximately 2002, and later measure the polarized quark and anti-quark distributions.

Items identified as needing theoretical study include:

Martin Savage