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In anticipation of the Town Meetings on the Long Range Plan for Nuclear Physics, a Neutrino Workshop will be held in Seattle September 21-23, 2000. This Web site has been set up to provide information about the program and housing arrangements, and to allow interested parties to register.

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss opportunities and priorities for nuclear physics in areas such as solar neutrinos, supernovae and neutrino astrophysics, neutrino mass (including both single and double beta decay), reactor and accelerator neutrinos, and underground laboratories in North America (including atmospheric and high-energy neutrinos). The objective is to draft a national plan for neutrino research within the purview of nuclear physics.

Hotel rooms are in very short supply, and the group booking will expire August 20. All who plan to come should make reservations before then. Attendance will be limited by space considerations on campus as well as in hotels. Please complete a registration form and send in your registration payment by September 1.

Organizing Committee

John Bahcall, IAS, Princeton
A. Baha Balantekin, Wisconsin
Stuart Freedman, Berkeley & LBNL
Wick Haxton, Washington
Kevin Lesko, LBNL
Hamish Robertson, Washington

Working Groups and Convenors

Solar Neutrinos
A. Baha Balantekin (Wisconsin) and Bob Lanou (Brown)

Supernova Neutrinos, the Supernova Mechanism, and Related Astrophysics
George Fuller (UCSD), Ken Lande (Penn), and Tony Mezzacappa (ORNL)

Reactor and Accelerator Neutrinos
Frank Avignone (South Carolina), Bill Louis (LANL), and Petr Vogel (Caltech)

Underground Laboratories (including atmospheric and high energy neutrinos)
Todd Haines (LANL) and Kevin Lesko (LBNL)

Neutrino Mass
Wick Haxton (Washington) and John Wilkerson (Washington)

Co-sponsored by the University of Washington and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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