Neutrino Mass Working Group Session

September 21

4:00-4:15: Terrance Goldman, New Interactions, Neutrino Masses and Sterile Neutrinos
4:15-4:30: John Ng, Neutrino masses in the world with extra dimensions
4:30-4:45: Frank Avignone, Double beta decay future possibilities, including CUORE/CUORICINO
4:45-5:00: Sean Sutton, NEMO 3 double beta decay experiment
5:00-5:15: Petr Vogel, EXO
5:15-5:30: Ludwig De Braeckeleer, The MAJORANA project
5:30-5:45: Craig Aalseth, Background suppression in the MAJORANA project

September 22

4:30-4:45: Christian Weinheimer, The non-integrating MAC-E-TOF spectrometer
4:45-5:00: Hiroyasu Ejiri, A 100 Mo Dectector for Double Beta Decay
5:00-6:15: Discussion of future possibilities, priorities

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