Steffen A. Bass,
Rainer J. Fries,
Rudolph C. Hwa,

Program Coordinator:
Linda Vilett

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Mini-workshop on Quark Recombination
Institute for Nuclear Theory
December 8 - 9, 2003

Recent data obtained by the experiments at RHIC on hadron production at intermediate and high p_T in relativistic heavy-ion collisions suggest that parton recombination can be an important part of the hadronization process. However, there are significant differences in the ways that the recombination model is formulated by the various groups working on the subject. This mini-workshop is aimed at understanding the differences in depth and in finding the common ground to solidify the description of hadronization through recombination and to meet the challenges to the model. The emphasis will be on theoretical issues rather than on data fitting or model predictions. An important area of focus will be the competition between fragmentation and recombination. The format will be mainly in the style of collaborative discussion rather than for presentation of prepared talks.

Participation in this Workshop is limited to about 15 active workers in the subject. Very few places remain open. Those interested in participating should send their inquiries to any of the organizers. Support for local expenses can be considered.

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