Algebraic Methods in Many Body Physics Workshop

March 15-19, 1999

Institute for Nuclear Theory
University of Washington, Seattle, WA USA
J.N. Ginocchio and F. Iachello, Organizers
Nancy Tate, Program Coordinator

Workshop Program

March 15

Chairperson: J.N. Ginocchio
9:00 am : Iachello, "Algebraic theory: a general scheme to attack problems in physics and chemistry"
9:45 am: Jolie,

"Recent work on experimental tests of dynamical symmetries in nuclei"

10:30 am:

Coffee Break

10:45 am: Leviatan,"Partial Symmetries in Algebraic Models of Many-Body Systems"
11:30 am: Talmi,

"Partial Dynamical Symmetries in the U(5) limit of IBM-2"

12:15 - 1:45 pm:


Chairperson: C. Volpe
1:45 pm: Zamfir,"K=0+ multiphonon states: old evidence and new experiments"
2:30 pm: Garcia Ramos,

"Anharmonicities in well-deformed nuclei"

March 16

Chairperson: M. Kirson
9:00 am: Von Brentano,"Low lying isoscalar and isovector quadrupole excitations"
9:45 am: Barrett,

"M1 Properties of the Er Isotopes within the IBM-2"

10:30 am:

Coffee Break

10:45 am: Pietralla,"Measurements on Mixed-Symmetry States in Heavy Nuclei: Probing the Predictive Power of the IBM-2"
11:30 am: Maqueda,

"Pairing isovector and isoscalar interactions in soluble algebraic models"

12:15 - 1:45 pm:


Chairperson: B. Balantekin
1:45 pm: Pittel,"Proton-neutron pairing in algebraic models of nuclei"
2:30 pm: Vretenar,

"Relativistic mean-field models"

March 17

Chairperson: I. Talmi
9:00 am: Vitturi, "Properties of giant collective modes in very neutron rich nuclei"
9:45 am: Warner,

"Experimental signatures of symmetries near the drip lines"

10:30 am:

Coffee Break

10:45 am: Kuyucak,"Octupole states in IBM"
11:30 am: Von Neumann-Cosel,

"Elementary magnetic dipole and quadrupole modes in nuclei"

12:15 - 1:45 pm:


Chairperson: A. Vitturi
1:45 pm: Bijker,"Algebraic cluster model for alpha-cluster nuclei"
2:30 pm: DeCoster,

"The extended IBM and applications to shape coexistence"

March 18

Chairperson: F. Iachello
9:00 am: Ginocchio,"The Relativistic Foundations of Pseudospin Symmetry in Nuclear Structure and Scattering"
9:45 am: Van Isacker,

"Pseudo-su(4) symmetry in nuclei"

10:30 am:

Coffee Break

10:45 am: Balantekin,"Shape Invariance and Exactly Solvable Problems in Nuclear Physics"
11:30 am: Maino,

"Partial dynamical symmetries and chaotic dynamics in quantum many-body systems"

12:15 - 1:45 pm:


Chairperson: S. Pittel
1:45 pm: Smirnova,"Parameter Symmetry and Transformations of Boson Operators in Nuclear and Molecular Boson Models"
2:30 pm: Reboiro,

"Fermion-boson mappings"

6:30 - 10:30 pm:

McCormick and Schmick's Harborside Restaurant

6:30 pm:No Host Bar
7:30 pm:


March 19

Chairperson: O. Scholten
9:00 am: Kusnezov,"Group Theoretical Approach to Periodic Potentials and Transfer Matrices"
9:45 am: Rosensteel,

"Nonlinear collective motion"

10:30 am:

Coffee Break

11:00 am:

Open Discussions

11:30 - 1:00 pm:Lunch
1:00 pmOpen Discussions

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