B. Bringoltz
University of Washington

M. Shifman
University of Minnesota

M. Unsal
Stanford University

L. Yaffe
University of Washington

Program Coordinator:
Laura Lee
(206) 685-3509

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Lattice simulations at large-N

Recent numerical studies of SU(N) gauge theories with N ranging up to about 10 (on large lattices), and much larger on small lattices, have yielded results on the N dependence of string tensions, deconfinement temperature, domain wall tensions, bulk and finite volume phase transitions, spectral properties of Wilson loops, meson spectra, theta dependence, and other properties. Most importantly, these studies have shown that, for many important quantities, the N dependence is remarkably smooth from large values of N all the way down to N = 3.

Simulations in the near future should be able to study a wider variety of interesting large N theories including supersymmetric theories, theories related by orbifold projections, and reduced models with dynamical fermions.