Joint INT/JLab/BNL Workshop
Hard exclusive processes at JLab 12 GeV and a future EIC

October 29-30, 2006

Organizer: Xiangdong Ji (U. Maryland)

Harut Avagyan (JLab)
Matthias Burkardt (New Mexico State U.)
Abhay Deshpande (BNL & Stony Brook U.)
Marc Vanderhaeghen (JLab & U. of William and Mary)
Christian Weiss (JLab)

Location: University of Maryland


The Institute of Nuclear Theory, together with Jefferson Lab and Brookhaven National Lab, is organizing a 2-day workshop on special topics in the physics of hard exclusive processes in e-p scattering and generalized parton distributions (GPDs). The event will be hosted by the University of Maryland. The aim of the workshop is to

The workshop is specifically intended to prepare the community for the upcoming discussions of the DOE long-range plan. We plan to continue this effort by writing a White Paper summarizing the options for future experimental and theoretical studies in this exciting area of hadronic physics.

The program will consist of several coordinated topical discussion sessions, with an introduction by the coordinator, short prepared contributions by participants (5-7 min, supported by 1-2 slides), and open discussion. The coordinators will approach participants before the Workshop and solicit contributions on specific topics. These prepared contributions are intended only to provide the material for plenary discussions; contributors should assume that the audience is familiar with the basics and get to the point right away. We encourage interested people to attend and contribute to the discussions of all topic even if they are not specifically asked to give a presentation. We expect about 30-35 participants.

For further information, please visit the workshop website.

Sept. 11, 2006