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Solar Fusion Cross Sections for the pp chain and CNO cycle (09-40W)
January 21-23 2009

*This workshop is now full. We will continue to accept applications for our wait list, in case of cancellations.*

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Please choose two working groups in which to participate, one on day one, one on day two:

  Day 1:
1. pp S-factor
2. 3He+3He S-factor
3. p + 7Be and p+d S-factors
4. Neutrino spectra
5. 14N(p,gamma) S-factor
6. Other CNO S-factors
  Day 2:
7. 3He+4He S-factor
8. hep S-factor
9. 7Be, pep, CNO electron capture
10. Theoretical issues
11. Validating new techniques: Trojan horse/Coulomb dissociation/asymptotic normalization
12. Future facilities


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