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  • The First Stars and Evolution of the Early Universe

    Co-sponsored by LANL and JINA

    During the program, a conference will be held from July 3 to 7. The following distinguished scientists serve on the Scientific Organization Committee for the conference:

    Scientific Organization Committee:

    Roger Cayrel (Observatoire de Paris)
    Mike Norman (UC San Diego)
    Jeremiah Ostriker (Princeton)
    Max Pettini (Cambridge)
    Wal Sargent (Caltech)
    Joe Silk (Oxford)
    Chris Sneden (UT Austin)
    Volker Springel (Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics)
    Eline Tolstoy (Groningen)
    Kim Venn (Victoria)
    Stan Woosley (UC Santa Cruz)

    Conference Program

    Monday, July 3

    Session I
    Chair: Craig Hogan

    8:50 - 9:00 Wick Haxton
    Introduction and welcome

    9:00-9:30: Michael Norman
    "Simulations of First Star Formation"

    9:30-10:00: Joe Silk
    "Initial Mass Function of the First Stars"

    10:00-10:30: Tom Abel
    "The First Stars"

    10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

    11:00-11:30: Richard Ellis
    "New Observational Constraints on Star Formation at High z"

    11:30-12:00: Art Wolfe
    "Star Formation Efficiency in Neutral Gas at z = 3"

    12:00-2:00: Lunch Break

    Session II
    Chair: Michael Norman

    2:00-2:30: Simon Glover
    "Star Formation in Very Low-Metallicity Gas"

    2:30-3:00: Jonathan Tan
    "Massive Star Formation"

    3:00-3:30: Raffaella Schneider
    "Dust and Star Formation"

    3:30-4:00: Coffee Break

    4:00-4:30: Brian O'Shea
    "Environment surrounding the First Stars"

    4:30-5:00: Hajime Susa
    "RHD Simulations on the Radiative Feedback from First Stars"

    5:00-5:30: Paul Shapiro
    "The First H II Regions and the Beginning of Cosmic Reionization"

    5:30-6:00: Ilian Iliev
    "Reionization by the First Stars and Implications for Observations"

    Tuesday, July 4
    (University closed for Independence Day holiday; no talks held)

    12:00-2:00: Soccer World Cup viewing (please see separate handout)

    Evening: BBQ and Fireworks

    Wednesday, July 5

    Session III
    Chair: Joe Silk

    9:00-9:30: Jeremiah Ostriker
    "Population III, the First Black Holes and Re-ionization"

    9:30-10:00: Andrea Ferrara
    "Cosmic Reionization"

    10:00-10:30: Coffee Break

    10:30-11:00: Peng Oh
    "21 cm Observations of the High-Redshift Universe: Beyond the Power Spectrum"

    11:00-11:30: Alex Heger
    "Evolution and Nucleosynthesis of Pop III Stars"

    12:00-2:00: Lunch Break (and Soccer World Cup viewing; please see separate handout)

    Session IV
    Chair: Max Pettini

    2:30-3:00: Evan Scannapieco
    "Searching for the First Stars"

    3:00-3:30: Volker Bromm
    "Observables from the First Stars"

    3:30-4:00: Naoki Yoshida
    "Formation of massive population III stars and their feedback effects"

    4:00-4:30: Coffee Break

    4:30-5:00: Kim Venn
    "Abundances in Dwarf Galaxies"

    5:00-5:30: Jim Truran
    "Cosmic Chemical Evolution"

    5:30-6:00: Aparna Venkatesan
    "Constraints from Metal-Poor Halo Stars on the Cosmological Reionization Epoch"

    Thursday, July 6

    Session V
    Chair: Wick Haxton

    9:00-9:30: Stan Woosley
    "Supernova Nucleosynthesis"

    9:30-10:00: Matthias Liebendoerfer
    "Neutrinos and Supernova Nucleosynthesis"

    10:00-10:30: Shinya Wanajo
    "r-Process Nucleosynthesis"

    10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

    11:00-11:30: Ken Nomoto
    "Hypernova Nucleosynthesis"

    11:30-12:00: George Fuller
    "Nucleosynthesis in Supermassive Stars"

    12:00-2:00: Lunch Break

    Session VI
    Chair: Stan Woosley

    2:00-2:30: Jorick Vink
    "Stellar Winds"

    2:30-3:00: Georges Meynet
    "Stellar Evolution with Rotation"

    3:00-3:30: Sung-Chul Yoon
    "Gamma-Ray Bursts"

    3:30-4:00: Coffee Break

    4:00-4:30: Tim Beers
    "Past and Current Surveys for Metal-Poor Stars"

    4:30-5:00: Francesca Primas
    "Abundance Patterns of C to Zn in Metal-Poor Giants"

    5:00-5:30: Judy Cohen
    "Abundance Patterns in Metal-Poor Dwarfs and Globular Clusters"

    6:30: Conference Dinner, University of Washington Club

    Friday, July 7

    Session VII
    Chair: Francesca Primas

    9:00-9:30: Piercarlo Bonifacio
    "CNO and Li in Metal-Poor Stars"

    9:30-10:00: Jennifer Johnson
    "S-Process Enhanced Stars"

    10:00-10:30: Sara Lucatello
    "Binary Frequency of Metal-Poor Stars"

    10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

    11:00-11:30: Norbert Christlieb
    "New Results on the Hyper-Metal-Poor Star HE0107-5240 and Future Surveys for Metal-Poor Stars"

    11:30-12:00: Anna Frebel
    "The Abundance Pattern of the Hyper-Metal-Poor Star HE1327-2326"

    12:00-2:00: Lunch Break

    Session VIII
    Chair: George Fuller

    2:00-2:30: Wako Aoki
    "Neutron-Capture Elements in Metal-Poor Stars"

    2:30-3:00: Yong Qian
    "Diverse r-Process Sources and Abundances in Metal-Poor Field Stars and Globular Clusters"

    3:00-3:30: Jason Tumlinson
    "Chemical Evolution of the Galaxy"

    3:30-4:00: Coffee Break

    4:00-4:30: Laurent Piau
    "First stars, Lithium Plateau, Chemical Evolution of the Early Halo and Stellar Modeling"

    4:30-5:00: Max Pettini
    "Abundances in Quasar Absorption Systems"

    5:00-5:30: Gerald Wasserburg
    "Enrichment of the Intergalactic Medium and Chemical Evolution of Damped Lyman Alpha Systems"

    Registration Information

    All workshop participants must pay a registration fee of $35. Please send a $35 check (payable in US dollars, and drawn on a US bank) to "University of Washington" at the address below, or plan to pay by cash or check immediately upon arrival at the INT. We are unable to accept credit cards; exact change is appreciated.

    There will be a buffet dinner at the University of Washington Club on Thursday, July 6. The cost is $45 per person (in addition to the $35 registration fee). Guests are welcome to attend the dinner for an additional $45 per person. If you wish to bring a guest, you must notify Nancy Tate by June 28, 2006.

    Please note that you MUST notify Nancy Tate that you wish to attend the dinner NO LATER THAN JUNE 28, 2006. If we do not receive confirmation notification from you before that date, we will assume that you DO NOT plan to attend. We appreciate your cooperation.

    Please plan to pay the fee (and dinner, if attending) upon arrival at the INT. Or, you may mail payment to:

    INT Workshop 06-2a
    Institute for Nuclear Theory
    University of Washington
    Attn: Nancy Tate
    Box 351550
    Seattle, WA 98195-1550

    Lodging Information

    If the block below is used up, the release date has passed, or you would prefer to stay somewhere else, here are some additional possibilities: The College Inn Guest House and Travelodge are affordable choices near the University. When calling to make a reservation, please mention that you will be a visitor to the University to receive the appropriate rate.

    A room block has been made at the following hotel:

    University Inn
    4140 Roosevelt Way N.E.
    Seattle WA 98105

    Approximately 10 minutes walk from the INT offices. Restaurant, seasonal heated outdoor pool, spa and guest laundry. Business center with free high speed internet access and printer use. All rooms are non-smoking.

    The rate for a single occupancy traditional room is $105.00/night single occupancy plus 15.6% tax. Rates include continental breakfast and free on-site parking. (A credit card number will be required to hold your reservation. To avoid charges for the first night, cancellations must be received by 3:00pm prior to the day of arrival.)

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