Karl Jansen
(DESY Zeuthen)

Kostas Orginos
(College of William and Mary / JLab)

Steve Sharpe
(University of Washington)

Program Coordinator:
Laura Lee
(206) 685-3509

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INT Summer School on "Lattice QCD and its applications"

Seattle, August 8 - 28, 2007

Dear All,

I attach a download and install script for chroma (just in case, for advanced topics).

It should be run, after the QDP++ installation has proceeded successfully.

(Note added by Steve: on my linux machine I just used the script without any changes and it worked fine. So the following details are for those who like to tinker.)

Again, it may to be edited a little. The critical variables to change again are the CXX, and CC (compilers) to point to gcc-3.4.x series. (May not be necessary for Cygwin) The QDP_INSTALL_DIR is important to get right (I currently assume $HOME/install/qdp++ where the QDP++ was originally installed by the installer script for that) If you installed somewhere else, then change appropriately.

I put LIBGMP_INSTALL_DIR=/usr which is where the installation goes on my linux box (and I think also the Cygwin). Typically if you can find /usr/lib/libgmp.a then the location is /usr It it is in /usr/local/lib/libgmp.a then the location is /usr/local etc.

So apart from these, the code should

download chroma
unzip it
configure it
build it
and install it.

If you want to do a minimal check on the installation run the program in $HOME/install/chroma/bin/t_mesplq This will give you the average plaquette and trace of the link for a gauge configuration before and after a random gauge transformation. Thus the two values of the plaquette should be the same (up to about 6 sig figs) while the av. link will change.

This piece of test code will be dissected/written in the first session in the framework of QDP++.

Give it a go if you have the time. I'd expect this compilation to take substantially longer than QDP++ - depending on what value you put after the -j, how fast your laptop/Cygwin installation is, anything between 20 minutes to 2 hours.