CEBAF/INT Workshop 01-19W
Correlations in Nucleons and Nuclei
March 12 - 16, 2001

Workshop Schedule

**All talks will be held in Room C520, Physics/Astronomy Building**

Monday, March 12

Monday morning, QCD and hadron structure

9:00-10:20David Richards, "Lattice status report" - 40
Dmitri Diakonov, "Chiral Quark - Soliton Model of Baryons" - 40


Coffee Break

10:40-12:00 Martin Savage, "Effective Field Theory" - 40
Lonya Glozman, "Chiral models" - 40

Monday afternoon: Nucleon degrees of freedom in nuclei: the Structure of Nuclei, Nuclear Matter

2:00-3:15Robert Wiringa, "Towards a Standard Model of Nuclei" - 40
Omar Benhar, "Nucleon-nucleon correlations and nuclear spectral functions" - 35


Coffee Break

3:35-4:55 Herbert Müther, "Two-Body Correlations in Nuclear Systems" - 40
John Watson, "Plans of eA --> eNN studies and neutrons from EVA" - 40

Tuesday, March 13

Tuesday morning: Spectral functions and (e,e'p) reactions

9:00-10:40Ulrich Mosel, "Nucleon spectral functions in a transport theoretical approach" - 30
Adelchi Fabrocini, "Correlation effects on single-particle properties in nuclei" - 30
Bogdan Mihaila, "Coupled-cluster expansion approach to ground state properties of p-shell nuclei" - 40


Coffee Break

11:00-12:00 William Bertozzi, "What do we learn from (e,e'p) experiments?" - 30
Mihail Zhalov, "Quenching disappearance" - 30

Tuesday afternoon: Fundamental Aspects of Nuclear Theory

2:00-3:10Jim Friar, "Chiral degrees of freedom and Three-Nucleon Forces for the New Millennium" - 40
Werner Boeglin, "eD experiments" - 30

3:10 - 3:30

Coffee Break

3:30-4:50Misak Sargsian, "Scattering from the lightest nuclei-Feynman diagram dynamics" - 40
Donal Day, "x > 1 perspectives at Jlab" - 40

Wednesday, March 14

Wednesday morning: High momentum transfer reactions

9:00-10:10Willem Dickoff, "SRC in nuclei and e,e,p reactions" - 40
Ronald Gilman, "The experimental status of gamma d --> pn" - 30


Coffee Break

10:30-11:50 Carl Carlson, "Nonnucleonic degrees of freedom in nuclei - how to look for them" - 40

Nuclear spin and nucleon structure functions

Bill Donnelly, "Spin and probing nuclear structure" - 40

Wednesday afternoon:

2:00-3:10Keith Griffioen, "Tagged structure functions" - 30

Few Body Systems and nucleon dynamics

Joe Carlson,"L/T inclusive responses of light nuclei, the role of tensor correlations, the T/L strength ratio in the QE region" - 40


Coffee Break

3:30- 4:10 Winfried Leidemann, "Lorentz integral transform studies of inclusive and exclusive processes in light nuclei" - 40

Thursday, March 15

Thursday morning:

9:00-10:10Lawrence Weinstein, "NN correlations measured in 3He" - 40
Ruprecht Machleidt, "Light-front studies of nuclear correlations" - 40

10:10- 10:30

Coffee Break

Experiments and nucleon-nucleon correlations

10:30-11:50Guenther Rosner, "SRC and two-nucleon knockout" - 40
Jan Ryckebush, "The response of correlated nucleons to photons" - 40

Thursday afternoon:

2:00-2:40Wayne Polyzou, "Comparison of different relativistic approaches to scattering problems" - 40

2:40- 3:00

Coffee Break

3:00- 5:00Panel discussion: "EMC effect and directions for studies of SRC in nuclei"

Friday, March 16

Friday morning: Nucleon properties

9:00-10:20Anthony Thomas, "Perspective and proton and neutron structure studies at Jlab" - 40

Form factors

Anatoly Radyushkin, "Review of form factors" - 40


Coffee Break

10:40-12:00 Paul Stoler, "Form factors at high Q2 and t: experimental status and future programs" - 40
Silvano Simula, "Power corrections to the structure functions of proton and deuteron" - 40

Friday afternoon: Local Duality

2:00-3:00Cynthia Keppel, "Local duality-experimental aspects" - 30
Simonetta Liuti, "Local Duality in ep scattering" - 30


Coffee Break

3:20-             "New polarized coherent bremsstrahlung facility at SLAC," - report by K. Griffioen, followed by panel discussion

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