INT 1998 Spring Program

Probes of Dense Matter in Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Collisions

March 9 - June 12, 1998


The purpose of this program is to prepare the ground for the analysis and phenomenological studies of the data coming from RHIC which will start in the summer of 1999. Because of the complexity of heavy-ion physics, it must take combined theoretical and experimental efforts to achieve the goal of this major scientific endeavor-extracting the physics out of the enormous amount of data. So our primary goal is to bring theorists from different approaches together with experimentalists and develop phenomenology needed to assist the analysis of high-energy heavy-ion collision experiments. Discussions will focus on the proposed signals of a quark-gluon plasma and probes of dense matter, both in quark-gluon phase and hadronic phase. Current data and their implications for the RHIC and LHC experiments will also be considered.

We plan to cover the topics along the following themes:

The above time-schedule only serves as an outline of the program. Discussions will not strictly follow the time-line in order to encourage exchanges among different groups of experts. Please bear this in mind when you decide which periods you would like to participate. Additional topics can be included as the program develops. As usual, we will try to limit the number of seminars per week, providing an environment that will stimulate discussion and collaboration. We also encourage the participation of junior researchers.  

If you are interested in participating in the program, please fill out the application form send or fax it to Ms. Maria Francom. We will do our best to accommodate as many of the positive respondents as possible. Final offers of program participation will be issued in September 5, 1997.