INT/ITAMP Workshop

January 25 - 29, 1999

The intent of this workshop is to gather a small group of about 30 experts in hyperspherical harmonic methods in order to discuss the impact and potential of this technique across a broad range of topics in physics and physical chemistry.

Hyperspherical harmonics have proven to be a powerful tool in treating bounds, continuum, and scattering problems involving few-body systems, including those with long-range Coulomb interactions. The techniques have been broadly applied in a variety of subfields, and many of the interested groups have found clever applications and improved algorithms. The purpose of the workshop is to bring experts together from the various fields now applying hyperspherical harmonic techniques, in order to assess recent developments and strengthen communications between groups that may interact infrequently, despite their shared interests.

The mornings and early afternoons will be reserved for presentations, while the last part of each day can be used for smaller group discussions and collaboration. The INT will provide office space, X-terminal access, and a variety of small conference rooms for discussions. Space is limited. Those interested in attending should contact one of the organizers soon:

Joe Macek,
Sergio Rosati,
Greg Parker,