Mike Birse
U. Manchester

Yannick Meurice
U. Iowa

Shan-Wen Tsai
U.C. Riverside

Program Coordinator:
Inge Dolan
(206) 685-4286

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New applications of the renormalization group
method in nuclear, particle and condensed matter physics (INT-10-45W)

February 22 - 26, 2010

Schedule of talks
All talks are in room C-520

Monday, February 22
8:00-9:00amRegistration; INT office, room C-411
9:00-9:15amWelcome; room C-520
9:15-10:00amThomas DeGrand, "Introduction to recent RG studies for QCD and beyond"Abstract
10:00-10:45amAnna Hasenfratz, "Conformal or Walking? Monte Carlo Renormalization Group studies of technicolor-inspired models" Abstract
11:15-12:00pmDavid Kaplan, "Conformality Lost"Abstract
2:00-2:45pmMaria Vozmediano, "The infrared nature of neutral graphene"Abstract
2:45-3:30pmDam Thanh Son, TBA
4:00-4:45pmYannick Meurice, "Complex zeros of the beta function, confinement and discrete scaling"Abstract
4:45-5:15pmHaiyuan Zou, "Fisher zeros, singularities of the gap equation and zeros of the beta function for nonlinear O(N) sigma models at finite volume"Abstract

Tuesday, February 23
9:00-9:45amRobert Perry, "The Similarity Renormalization Group with Applications to Two-Nucleon Observables"Abstract
9:45-10:30amRichard Furnstahl, "Similarity RG and Many-Body Forces"Abstract
11:15-12:00pmAchim Schwenk, "Renormalization group for nuclear forces and nuclear structure"Abstract
2:00-2:45pmLucas Platter, "Discrete Scale Invariance and the Efimov Effect"
2:45-3:30pmBoris Krippa, "Functional renormalisation group: applications to few and many-body systems"
4:00-4:45pmRyan Kalas, "Narrow Feshbach resonances and finite-range interactions in cold atom gases"Abstract
4:45-5:15pmS. Moroz, "Nonrelativistic inverse square potential, scale anomaly, and complex extension"Abstract

Wednesday, February 24
9:00-9:45amNigel Goldenfeld, "The Renormalization Group Far From Equilibrium: Singular Perturbations, Pattern Formation and Hydrodynamics"Abstract
9:45-10:30amDaniel Litim, "Quantum gravity and the renormalization group"Abstract
11:15-12:00pmMari-Carmen Banuls, "Tensor Network States: ground states and time evolution"Abstract
2:00-2:45pmJean- Paul Blaizot, "Solutions of renormalization group flow equations with full momentum dependence"Abstract
2:45-3:30pmHidenori Sonoda, "ERG differential equation for the Wilson-Fisher fixed point and its perturbative solution"Abstract
4:00-4:45pmEddy Timmermans, "Pseudospins and effective spin-spin interactions in cold atom physics"Abstract
4:45-5:15pmYuzhi Liu, "Numerical instabilities associated with block spinning non-integer numbers of sites"Abstract

Thursday, February 25
9:00-9:45amPhilippe de Forcrand, "Nuclear physics from lattice QCD at strong coupling"Abstract
9:45-10:30amJan Pawlowski, "The QCD phase diagram with RG methods"Abstract
11:15-12:00pmTerry Tomboulis, "RG study of IR structure in gauge theories - Confinement and IR fixed points"
2:00-2:45pmMichael Ogilvie, "Quark Confinement, Lost and Regained"Abstract
2:45-3:15pmHiromichi Nishimura, "Polyakov-Nambu-Jona Lasinio (PNJL) models in finite-temperature"Abstract
4:00-4:45pmKai Schwenzer, "The infrared fixed points of QCD and their physical implications"Abstract
4:45-5:30pmAlvaro Ferraz, TBA
7:00pmWorkshop Dinner at Ivar's Restaurant

Friday, February 26
9:00-9:45amRamamurti Shankar, "Renormalization group for nonrelativistic fermions"Abstract
9:45-10:30amShan-Wen Tsai, "Effects of retardation in the renormalization group for fermions"Abstract
11:15-12:00pmMichael Scherer, "Towards a quantitative FRG approach for the BCS-BEC crossover"Abstract
2:00-2:45pmChristoph Husemann, "Channel-decomposed one-loop RG for the 2D Hubbard model"Abstract
2:45-3:305pmChuntai Shi, TBA